Automotive Industry Overview

The automotive industry constantly pushes performance, increases fuel efficiency, and offers superior cabin comfort and passenger safety with cost-effective solutions. Automotive manufacturers persistently innovate and incorporate new technologies into vehicles to improve performance, light-weighting and user experience. They rely on high-performance solutions that keep drivers and passengers sealed from harsh environments, protected with insulation and advanced safety systems, and comfortable with effective HVAC and infotainment systems.

Boyd Corporation is a world-class design, testing, and manufacturing partner for automotive sealing, protection, and thermal solutions. We develop high-performance solutions at low landed costs that meet the rigorous demands of the automotive industry. Through our experienced design and manufacturing teams, working in our ISO 9001, and IATF 16949 certified facilities, Boyd creates complex assemblies that integrate multiple functions into single components that exceed automotive specifications as well as reduce assembly time, assembly complexity, and overall costs.

Automotive Sealing Solutions

Automotive vehicles experience an extensive range of environmental conditions. To keep sensitive components and passengers safe and dry, vehicles need sealing solutions like gaskets, rubber extrusions and multi-layered bonding & adhesive systems. Boyd’s expertise makes us an ideal partner for demanding, high performance sealing products and assemblies for the Automotive industry. Our engineering team partners with you to understand performance needs and environmental exposure to automotive specified raw materials for desired performance, while our manufacturing’s high-volume precision converting and multi-material integration, enables Boyd to produce quality sealing solutions. Whether your requirements call for advanced gaskets with complex geometries, multi-material or reinforced elastomer extrusions, or integrated over molded solutions, Boyd can assist you in meeting challenging application needs that seal against harsh automotive environments. Working on sensitive applications that need to be contaminant and particulate free? Boyd is a leader in cleanroom manufacturing of advanced sealing solutions in Class 100 to 100K certified clean room environments.

Automotive Protection Solutions

Vehicles require multiple levels of protection to ensure a long useful lifetime. On-board components need protection from harsh road conditions like rain, snow, sand, salt, shock, and vibration. Drivers and passengers need protection from engine heat, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) and BSR (buzz, squeak and rattle). Protection films and adhesive systems keep brand new surfaces safe and unscratched during shipping and high friction and wear surfaces lasting longer.

Boyd has decades of experience manufacturing a broad range of protection solutions for Automotive OEMs and Tiers. We produce protective solutions like static cling films to keep surfaces scratch-free during the shipping and assembly process, tough floor mats to keep interiors lasting longer and precision converted UHMW films used for anti-abrasion protective gaskets that reduce BSR in the interior of the vehicle.

Automotive Thermal Management Solutions

Automobiles integrate a variety of thermal management technologies between the user interface, cabin conditioning systems and interior lighting. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation has an extensive portfolio of thermal management solutions and the engineering and manufacturing expertise to assist in the development and production of comprehensive cooling solutions. From low profile passive heat spreading options like encapsulated graphite or vapor chambers, to integrated air cooled or liquid cooled die cast enclosures, to high-performance blowers, fans and heat exchangers, Aavid can help design, manufacture, and test optimized solutions using the right technology at prototype to mass production volumes.

With Boyd’s high-speed, precision converting manufacturing capabilities, we provide die cut thermal management solutions throughout the vehicle. From precision converted heat shields that adhere to a gas tank or exhaust system, to multi-layered thermally conductive adhesives and tapes for automotive electronics and LED lighting, Boyd’s engineering team can support you with selecting the best thermal management material for your automotive application, custom design a solution optimized for your assembly and performance needs with DFM (design for manufacturing) in mind to keep production costs low.

There is a revolution in vehicle electrification. More vehicles are integrating advanced electronic systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning. View our eMobility page for more information on Boyd solutions for hybrid, electric, and autonomous vehicles.

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