Identify and Define your Brand and User Perception with Information and Labeling Solutions

Consistent image management and informational labeling creates lasting impressions of your brand and how end customers identify and interact with your products. Badging, product decals, and nameplates help define and defend your brand as well as broaden the exposure of your company image. Having clear, long-lasting badging and decals visually differentiates your products from competitors. Comprehensive user interfaces including switches, touch displays, and keypads streamline usage to support positive user experience. System information labels, graphic overlays and pressure sensitive labels are used to convey instructions and/or safety warnings to anyone who uses or services your products, like technicians, operators and customers.

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions

Innovative Manufacturing Methodologies

These labels and overlays are often designed in areas that require dielectric insulation to meet UL and other industry-specific requirements. Boyd integrates innovative manufacturing methodologies and pantone color matching on thin-film plastics for durable and dependable long-term graphic overlay and electrical insulation performance with UL 94 flame rated solutions. We help reduce component complexity by combining branding, communication of key information, and electrical insulation into a single, high-quality, dependable solution. The end result is enhanced brand management and consumer safety with reduced supply chain complexity and total lowest landed cost.

Nameplates, badging, decoration, and trim provide an important visual and tactile experience for users that set a product’s brand apart from the competition. Boyd has half a century of custom badging, trim, and decoration manufacturing experience using state-of-the-art coating, embossing, and etching technologies to make designs come to life and stay beautiful even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

Enable your users to easily interact with your product with customized user interfaces. Elastomer keypads, membrane switches, and force sensitive resistors offer straightforward human-machine interfacing and are fabricated to fit your specific form, fit, and function needs. More advanced user interfaces can leverage Boyd’s backlighting, advanced capacitive touch screens, custom printed circuit boards, and front panel integrations. Meet or exceed your application needs with Boyd’s full interface design and manufacturing capacities.

Boyd specializes in decorative and functional labels and are approved UL, cUL, and CSA label manufacturers. We also produce durable labels that withstand tough environments like abrasion, UV exposure, moisture and heat. Our team can guide you through the process and help find the best label solution for your product. Reduce warranty claims and protect your consumers with tamper evident labels and moisture indicators.

Overlays are a key interface component in displays, touchscreens, membrane switches, or standalone durable labels that protects the device while providing a functional, informative, user-friendly interface. The first thing that a user sees is often the graphic overlay of a product, which helps set set the first impression of your product.

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