Medical Face Shields

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from airborne particulates, splashes, or sprays

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Boyd Corporation | Medical Solutions | Face Shields

Face Shields help protect the face and eyes from harmful splashes, sprays, or airborne particulates while still maintaining functional optical clarity for visibility. Medical Face Shields are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that help prevent the spread of pathogens.

Many Face Shields incorporates adhesive foam cushions on the forehead that hold the transparent moisture barrier away from the user’s face. This enables the continued use of additional protective equipment such as safety goggles and particulate masks for multiple layers and levels of personal protection. Users secure the Face Shield with an adjustable headband, either an elastic strap or a notched band that can be sized to fit most comfortably. Some Face Shield configurations can be attached to a disposable face mask that covers the mouth and nose, covering the eyes from the nose upwards with the optically clear shield.

Boyd also designs and manufactures face shields with multiple optically clear layers designed to quickly peel off during surgery or medical procedures negating the need to change or clean the face shield if contaminated or the field of vision is impaired. This highly efficient functionality assures optimal visibility and clarity when it matters most, removing unnecessary process distraction and non-value-add activity from the surgical room.

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