Cost-effective Medical Disposables Solutions

Why Use Medical Disposables?

Disposable medical solutions are designed to maintain medical device surface cleanliness and prevent the spread of infection for single or temporary use applications. These cost-effective medical solutions offer device surface protection and quick containment of contamination, often being peel and discard protective solutions, displacing the need to sterilize medical devices.

Wearable Devices & Sensors

Smart medical wearable devices and sensors designed to remotely monitor patient vitals enabling increased home healthcare, improved patient satisfaction, increased healthcare facility capacity and decreased costs. Boyd is an expert in fabricating and assembling fully outsourced medical wearables.

Microfluidic Diagnostic Laminates

Specialized medical material laminates featuring adhesives and hydrophobic or hydrophilic substrates and films designed to move or seal fluid in a controlled path that mimics established laboratory practices on a micro scale for faster, more accessible and affordable testing and diagnosis.

Medical Face Shields

Disposable shield products designed to protect healthcare providers from fluid splash during medical procedures. Face shields feature an optically transparent protective film for maximum visibility and protection.

Anti-Fog Sponges

Absorbent medical sponge solutions absorb moisture to reduce lens fogging in medical visual systems like surgical face shields, endoscopic cameras and lenses.

Cautery Tip Cleaners

Disposable, sterile medical foam pads featuring an abrasive surface designed to clean and remove material from cautery tips during surgical procedures.

Disposable Insulin Pump Securement

Sterile, skin grade adhesives to secure insulin pump delivery systems to a patient. Designed for easy use, breathability and regular patient maintenance.

IV Dressings & Securement Devices

Sterile dressings and stick-to-skin adhesive laminates designed to secure IV’s to patients. Breathable, waterproof solutions affix IV systems with patient comfort in mind and provide transparent visibility to IV site for healthcare providers.

Medical Drape Flexwire Tape

Medical, skin contact grade tapes designed to temporarily affix medical drapes to a patient during various medical and surgical procedures. Designed to easily and efficiently secure the drape system to the patient.

Nasal Dilator Strips

Medical laminates featuring a rigid substrate and skin grade adhesive designed to externally affix to a patient’s bridge of the nose to support maintaining open airways and combat sleep apnea.

Pulse Oximetry Tape

Medical grade tape solutions designed to secure pulse oximeter sensors to patients. Regular replacement of disposable skin contact approved adhesives extends sensor lifetimes.

Skin Adhesive Labels

Stick-to-skin approved adhesives laminated to medical grade films or fabrics designed to incorporate both writing surfaces and patient comfort for on-patient instructions and tracking.

Disposable Printed Electrodes

Flexible, screen-printed electrodes for diagnostic sensing using conductive and dielectric inks.

Improve Health and Safety of Patients and Health Care Providers with Boyd Medical Disposables and Solutions

Disposable surface protection and contamination containment help healthcare professionals minimize maintenance costs and downtime. Boyd is an expert in identifying and fabricating medical grade materials that optimally balance performance, reliability, shelf life, functionality and costs with medically certified process development, controls and quality assurance.

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