Silicone Breathing Tubes


Exceptional Quality

Meet tough medical standards and requirements for tensile and connection strength, kink stability, and flexibility with Boyd’s silicone breathing tubes.


Lower Costs and Waste

Boyd’s resilient silicone breathing tubes can be reused up to 100 times with washer-disinfectors (WD) and steam sterilization


Extensive Customization

Completely tailor your breathing tubes to your application with customizable length, color, tolerance, wall thickness, durometer, and socket design.

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Silicone Respiratory Tubes

Used in medical applications such as anesthesia and respiratory equipment, silicone respiratory tubes are used to transport airflow, oxygen, or anesthetic in or out of a patient. Boyd has decades of experience producing silicone respiratory tubes for medical devices. Our breathing tubes are reusable by reprocessing them with washer-disinfectors (WD) and steam sterilization. We offer two CE-certified medical ventilation tubes for clinical use and home care (CPAP therapy), along with a wide portfolio of custom solutions.

Boyd’s breathing tubes meet important quality requirements and have standard-compliant tensile and connection strength, dimensional and kink stability, and flexibility. Our hot vulcanization production ensures a particularly strong bond amongst sockets, helixes, and basic hose connections. A smooth inner wall facilitates cleaning, avoids dirt collection, and reduces medical silicone tube flow resistance during ventilation. We provide medical respiratory tubes in sizes for adults, children, and on request for neonates. In addition, we can manufacture tubes for use in animal health.

Boyd offers two finished, certified silicone breathing tubes: VITASIL® und SPIRASIL®. We can also configure and manufacture medical silicone respiratory tubes according to your individual needs.

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