Health & Safety Solutions

Advanced Wound Care Products and Medical Disposables that improve the health and safety of patients and health care providers caregivers.

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Health & Safety Solutions

Products that are sterile and help reduce infection are critical for ensuring the health and safety of patients and health care professionals. Health & Safety solutions include medical disposable products to mitigate the transmission of communicable infectious diseases and advanced wound care products that protect patients against infection from viruses and bacteria while they are especially vulnerable.

Boyd partners with leading suppliers for the highest quality and performance materials to meet demanding design requirements. We produce these products with the utmost care, quality and precision in our cleanrooms ranging from class 100 to 100k within our ISO 13485 and FDA certified facilities.


Advanced Wound Care solutions help patients heal faster with less risk of infection by using innovative new materials, complex assemblies, and a high level of process and cleanliness control. By enabling faster clinical downtime, hospitals and clinics health care facilities decrease costs and reduce patient stays. With faster and more effective healing, insurance companies benefit from fewer claims. Most importantly, patients benefit from reduced infection and faster healing times.

  • Hydrophilic Foam Dressings
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)
  • Sterile Kitting & Packaging Solutions
  • Wound Closure Strips

Medical Disposables are intended for single or temporary use in order to prevent the spread of infection. These low cost solutions still meet critical safety requirements, affordably, and with improved fast contaminant containment as opposed to the added expense and time to send devices to certified sterilization companies.

Boyd helps you balance performance, costs, materials, reliability, and shelf life of your product design with our expertise in material selection, process development and control, and quality assurance.

  • Anti-Fog Sponges
  • Cautery Tip Cleaners
  • Disposable Insulin Pump Securement
  • IV Dressings & Securement Devices
  • Kitting & Packaging Solutions
  • Medical Grade Skin Contact Fashion Tape
  • Medical Drape Flexwire

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