Boyd’s custom rubber molding and plastic molding solutions feature a number of various manufacturing technologies to achieve specific shape, dimensional and performance needs across a wide variety of markets with innovative & cost effective tooling designs and quick speed to market. Color and texture matches are available for brand management and aesthetic needs. Over-molding technologies combine multiple materials and/or colors to consolidate complementary component designs. Our experienced field application engineers will review your designs to recommend adjustments that enhance performance or help meet cost saving objectives.

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Key Industries


  • Engine mount bushings
  • Grommets & vibration isolators
  • Molded boots, bellows & covers
  • Plugs & caps
  • Vibration mounts & bumpers
  • Body molding close outs
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  • Molded hoses with integrated connectors
  • Flooring & mats
  • Vibration mounts & isolators
  • Shifter boots
  • Molded bellows & covers
  • Grommets, bushings, bumpers
  • Molded caps, plugs, grips & knobs
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    Commercial Vehicle

  • Body molding close outs
  • Hoses & ducting
  • Floor mats & vibration pads
  • Engine mount isolators
  • Vibration isolators & bushings
  • Bumpers & grommets
  • Molded boots, covers & bellows
  • Custom finishing components
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