Polymer Science and Forming

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Boyd Corporation has decades of experience in polymer science. We utilize our vast knowledge of rubber and plastic compounds and chemical formulations to design three-dimensional solutions customized for your specific applications.

Our precision extruding expertise includes multi-durometer extrusion of dense, foam or sponge rubber and thermoplastic in intricate profile shapes that are customized to your performance needs. Our rubber and plastic extrusion engineers partner with your design teams to help you select the best compound and custom extruded profile shape that will exceed the performance requirements of your design while optimizing cost. With custom extrusion tool design and fabrication in-house as well as multiple cure process options, expertise in extruding up to four different materials in one profile and complete finishing operations like edge bonding, splicing, notching, drilling, slip coating corner molding, cutting, kitting and custom assembly, we are well prepared to solve a wide variety of extrusion challenges. Common extruded rubber and plastic components include finishing trim, RV slide-out seals, d-bulb seals, door seals, clip-on seals, window seals, trunk or hood seals, flex extenders, tank straps and hoses.

Through our deep knowledge of polymer science, we manufacture one of the world's leading aerospace and defense insulation foams. Our SOLIMIDE® polyimide foam family of products are fire resistant, non-toxic and lightweight acoustic and thermal insulators featured in ducting, structural components and insulation panels throughout aircraft and naval vessels.