Polymer Forming

Polymer Extrusion

Customized multi-durometer extruded dense, foam, or sponge rubber, and thermoplastic in intricate profile shapes create durable sealing and environmental protection solutions. Boyd’s vertically-integrated extrusion process includes custom extrusion tool design, fabrication, and a variety of cure process options paired with differentiated expertise in extruding up to four different materials in one profile.

Injection Molding

Injection Molded plastic parts offer versatile design options and durability in harsh environmental conditions. From concept generation through production, our team of dedicated experts help guide you through the manufacturing process to create high-quality components with precise tolerance control.


Overmolding combines materials with different properties into a single molded component. Typically, this involves bonding together a rigid plastic or metal to a softer rubberized plastic. While most frequently utilized to add functional durability, overmolding is also used to improve aesthetics, increase the benefits of a softer, more ergonomic texture, or smooth sharp edges to enhance user safety. Overmolding is ideal for products with multi-colored buttons, switches, or knobs, soft-touch handles and grips commonly found in electronics, industrial, and medical applications, or to add durable vibration damping to rigid components.

Compression Molding

Generate complex rubber geometries for effective sealing and environmental protection solutions by heating elastomeric materials and pressing them into a heated mold. Ideal for high volume production, compression molding is cost efficient and versatile.

Plastic CNC Machining

Plastic CNC machining can be a cost-effective option for modifying injection-molded parts and low volume production machining of parts from plastic blocks. Boyd’s secondary operations include drilling, tapping, and de-gating to achieve smooth finishes or complex geometries.

3D Printing

Polymer 3D Printing enables us to generate geometries that would be challenging for other fabrication methods or quickly prototype simple to complex plastic and rubber parts without investing in expensive tooling.

Vacuum Thermoforming

By pulling vacuum over a heated mold, Boyd’s manufacturing team can form details with our foam products like our high performance SOLIMIDE® Foams.
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Unlimited Possibilities

Fabricate the most challenging components with Boyd’s versatility in elastomeric and plastic forming.

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High Quality and Precision

Achieve your design, functionality, and aesthetic goals through the quality, durability, and multifunctional range of Boyd’s manufacturing and engineering polymer forming expertise.

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World Class Engineering Support

Push forming processes to their limit or innovate with our team to fabricate cutting-edge products.

Boyd Has Decades of Experience in Polymer Science

We utilize our vast knowledge of rubber and plastic compounds and chemical formulations to design three-dimensional solutions customized for your specific applications. Our expertise and process control enables us to streamline the manufacturing process to meet your capacity needs and production rate requirements. We continually strive to create high-quality components that enhance reliability. With Boyd’s full range of polymer forming capabilities, we assist in creating the best fit solution for your application fabricated using the most optimal and efficient capabilities.

Multifunctional Precision Extrusions

Our precision extruding expertise includes multi-durometer extrusion of dense, foam or sponge rubber and thermoplastic in intricate profile shapes that are customized to your performance needs. By incorporating dense, foam, or sponge rubber and thermoplastic in intricate profile shapes, Boyd can produce a comprehensive solution for your application. Common extruded rubber and plastic components include finishing trim, RV slide-out seals, d-bulb seals, door seals, clip-on seals, window seals, trunk or hood seals, flex extenders, tank straps and hoses.

SOLIMIDE® Foams, High Performance Thermal and Acoustic Insulators

Through our deep knowledge of polymer science, we manufacture one of the world's leading fire-resistant, acoustic and thermal insulation foams, SOLIMIDE®. Our high-performance polyimide foams are non-toxic, and lightweight insulators featured in ducting, structural components, and insulation panels throughout aircraft and naval vessels.

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Silicone Extrusion, Molding and Encapsulation Expertise

Boyd’s 40+ year material science expertise in silicone enables us to compound, extrude, mold, and encapsulate a wide range of silicones to meet your project needs. Our silicone extrusion processes enable Boyd to fabricate tubes, seals, custom profiles, and cords in your required Shore hardness. Our technology portfolio includes the ability to coextrude or insert fabric reinforcements to our silicone extrusions.

Boyd leverages our broad injection molding portfolio to fabricate gaskets, O-rings and plates from liquid silicone (LSR) or HTV silicone from micro components to large format products. Silicone encapsulation is ideal for casting components like temperature sensitive electronics in RTV silicones. Our silicone molded parts are used to seal, acoustically damp, insulate, protect, or fix other elements in place.

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Durable Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is the cornerstone of Boyd’s plastics manufacturing capabilities. Molded plastic parts offer versatile design options and durability in harsh environmental conditions. From concept generation through production, our team of dedicated experts can help guide you through the manufacturing process to create high-quality components. We can combine our complementary capabilities like spray painting and laser etching or value-added possibilities such as membrane switches to build complete user interfaces.

Leveraging Automation for Higher Quality Plastic Components

As customer needs for high precision plastic parts are evolving, the importance of consistently delivering high-quality products in short time frames is essential. Boyd implements smart manufacturing practices with robotic automation in some of our plastic forming processes. The digitization of manufacturing not only aids in trimming lead times and production costs, but also enhances quality and efficiency.

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