Clean Room Manufacturing

Medical Wearables

Technology is increasing the ability of health care professionals to improve and maintain the health of their patients with more flexible treatment options and cost-effective solutions. Medical Wearables integrate complex, multi-layered sensors and electronics into lightweight, flexible, and streamlined assemblies that move treatment options outside of the medical office or hospital. Boyd excels in converting medical-grade adhesives and combining them with circuitry, wire hookups and connectors, sensors, chips, cushions and heat spreading technologies in a clean environment.

Medical Disposables - One-Time-Use and Repeat-Use

The health and safety of both health care professional and patient rely on clean medical disposables, especially when it comes to wound care products and items used in the operating room. Boyd’s clean room facilities are well equipped to produce high-quality dressings and securements, utilizing a wide array of medical adhesives and laminates.

Display Gaskets & Optically Clear Solutions

On a day-to-day basis, consumers rely on more graphic user interfaces like LED displays, OLED screens, and touch screens. Optically clear adhesives and high-performance display products require clean environments to ensure high yield and lower reject rates in volume production. Boyd’s high-precision converting and advanced rotary die cut capabilities, in Class 100 clean room environments, ensure the optical integrity of OCAs, light control or enhancement films, or other products especially sensitive to debris, particulates and contamination.

Clean Room Manufacturing, Assembly and Kitting

Manufacturing and assembling components for high quality medical and high-performance electronic applications requires a clean and controlled environment. Sensitive components exposed to contaminants can cause catastrophic problems. Foreign Object Debris (FOD) increases adhesive and film assembly defects, which can be costly in lower yield rates for products like display gaskets for mobile electronics.

More Effective, Safer and Affordable Products Manufactured in a Clean Room

Optically clear adhesives are designed to improve display resolution and require zero visual defects. Storing, handling and fabricating OCAs in a controlled cleanroom environment maintains optical purity. Contaminated medical dressings or wound closure products used on a patient can cause infection and put the health and safety of the patient at risk. Particulate-free products manufactured in a clean room environment for sensitive applications are more effective, safer and affordable for your end customer, ensuring you the best possible solution.

Our contaminant-free medical wearable assembly solutions can be worn as long as you intend them to, designed to prevent skin irritation and infection for patient safety and comfort. Boyd’s robust cleanroom assembly operation allows you to focus on improving medical functionality, while we focus on bringing you one deliverable solution in the most efficient, cost-efficient process.

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Keep Sensitive Materials Clean and FOD-Free

Boyd has FDA Registered facilities and is compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (CGMP) to ensure that the products and components we produce meet the exacting quality requirements of our customers. Our cleanroom environments are regularly certified to internationally recognized standards, ranging from Class 100 to Class 100K to serve a variety of cleanliness needs. Clean room facilities are equipped with well-maintained and calibrated machinery that adheres to reliable and reproducible processes for small to large volumes. From material sourcing and storage, to clean handling and manufacturing procedures, to assembly, kitting, and shipping components, Boyd ensures that we keep sensitive materials clean and FOD-free to meet demanding standards while maintaining high yield rates. Our class 100,000 clean rooms to class 100 clean rooms, staffed by fully-trained and experienced personnel, offer you the right cleanroom environment for your application.

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