Design Engineering

Boyd Corporation maintains Design Centers around the world dedicated to innovative thermal and sealing design and product integration. These engineers work closely with our customers and the manufacturing teams to provide a streamlined product lifecycle from conception to prototyping to production and even to end of life management or retrofitting. These centers include both general and specialized teams focused on specific technologies or markets. This allows us to take on any and all design challenges from more straightforward heat sink needs to the incredibly complex thermal issues surrounding Aerospace & Defense or complex, multi-layer laminations that seal, cushion, absorb and spread various types of energy input like vibration, heat and electromagnetic interference.

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Boyd's Design Engineering network is structured to be able to address the full range of thermal and sealing needs. Engineers are available for basic thermal or seal reviews, feasibility studies, thermal or waterproof testing and design validation at one end of the spectrum. At the other end, Boyd’s teams of industry experts have tackled some of the most unique and difficult thermal challenges and sealing opportunities to date utilizing cutting edge technologies such as Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite, Annular Heat Pipes, Ultrathin Titanium Vapor Chambers and Complex OLED Display Shield Gaskets. Projects are handled by the teams best suited to meet your needs based on your performance challenge, design complexity, budget, production or prototyping needs, region, and time constraints. Boyd Engineers come from a variety of engineering fields including thermal, mechanical, industrial, electrical, and manufacturing.

Over the last few years, thermal management and sealing solutions have become some of the most significant challenges to product design, and yet it is often considered late in the design process. This can lead to costly rework or suboptimal cooling or sealing which causes shorter lifetimes or product failures. Bringing in Boyd’s thermal experts and sealing engineers early in the design process allows our teams to work with you to better integrate your cooling or sealing solution into the overall product design, resulting in better performance and better user experience. Our capabilities and industry knowledge allow us to bring more to your design than optimized thermals or efficient seals; we offer a unique perspective to product design that enables more powerful and reliable devices.

Although our engineers are known for their innovative solutions and creative problem solving, the core focus of Boyd Design Engineering is designing for manufacturability (DFM) as well as cost competitive solutions. Boyd's wide range of manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise allows our design engineers to choose the technologies and fabrication methods that are the best fit to produce optimized, streamlined solutions.

Engineering Capabilities Include:

  • Thermal Analysis (CFD)
  • Airflow / Temperature Test
  • Mechanical Tests
  • Environmental Tests
  • Mechanical Analysis (FEA)
  • RF/EMI Analysis
  • Multi-physics Analysis
  • Design Thermal Solutions

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