Broad Range of Services

Boyd has developed a broad range of services and capabilities over the last 90+ years to help enable our customers’ success. We can assist anywhere in your product life cycle, from initial conceptualization and design, prototyping and material samples, to fabrication and manufacturing. Our team is geared to jump in where you need us. Boyd can be a consultant, an extension of your own team, or act as a whole department.

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We understand that the look of a device is as important as the technology inside it. Boyd’s in-house art department works side-by-side with our design and engineering teams, offering unparalleled support during the design process. Our teams fully understand how art can impact the manufacturing processes and will help bring your artistic vision to life in the final product. 

We excel in rapid prototyping and regional design services deployed for global mass production. Utilizing Boyd prototyping services will accelerate your new product introduction processes by decreasing the number of prototyping cycles prior to mass production runs. Our engineers adapt to suit your needs by acting as a consultant, an integrated part of your engineering team, or fully designing and prototyping solutions for you. Our customers benefit from integrated solutions for more optimized prototypes built to challenging requirements. We help expedite your time-to-market, increase your access to innovative solutions, and reduce development cycles and costs.

We excel at manufacturing complex, multifunctional solutions that enhance product performance and efficiency. We work with unlimited raw material choices to meet your demanding application requirements. Our robust quality management systems assure reliability and longevity so your products endure. Our global manufacturing team spans three continents with decades of combined experience across a highly diversified customer base. We custom design solutions for your unique assembly and delivery needs. Our regional design services work in tandem with our global mass production specialists. Boyd delivers world class customer service across the world, optimized for your complex value chains. We aim to reduce your total cost of ownership when you work with Boyd.

Boyd engineering’s commitment to innovative problem solving extends to testing services; engineers collaborate closely with customers and adapt to any unique needs or specifications to ensure full product validation. Boyd is ISO 9001, AS 9100-D, IATF 16949, ISO 13485 & ISO14001 Certified.
Other facility-specific certifications include: AWS D17.1 (MIL-STD 1595A / MIL-STD-2219), AWS B2.2:2010, AWS C3.3, AWS C3.7:2005,AMS 2750D:2005, AMS 2770H:2006, MIL-H-6088G, and MIL-B-7883C.
Additionally, Boyd employs Aerospace Qualified Welders (certified to AWS D17.1), AWS Qualified Brazers (certified to AWS B2.2), and Certified Welding Inspectors (certified to AWS QC1 Standard).

We saw the need for streamlined and more accurate computational design of complex systems, so Boyd developed software tools to meet these needs. As heat pipes, vapor chambers, heat exchangers, and liquid systems become more critical to effective cooling solutions, our thermal software solutions allow engineers to apply them more accurately and have greater confidence in their performance.

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