Ethics and Compliance with Boyd’s Culture of Respect

Boyd’s Culture of Respect encompasses how we as individuals and as an organization participate in our global and local communities. We hold ourselves and those that act on our behalf to high standards, uncompromising ethics, and compliance with all applicable laws. Boyd’s Culture of Respect defines our Respect for Other Companies and our Respect for the Law.

Boyd’s Respect for Other Companies means that we engage and welcome fair competition. We commit to compete for business solely on the merit of our products and services. We believe in the value of our world-class customer service, innovation, and solutions. We are firm supporters of and comply with all antibribery laws and under no circumstances will we offer or accept bribes or improper payments.

As part of Boyd’s Respect for the Law, we commit to fully complying with all laws, rules, and regulations in locations where we do business. Boyd complies with all trade laws, embargoes, and economic sanctions. Our Respect for the Law extends to handling data security, privacy, and personal information with the utmost care. Boyd is entrusted with personal information by our employees, directors, business partners and others on a daily basis. We protect this sensitive data and keep it confidential and secure.

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