Loop Heat Pipes

Flexible, Reliable, Long Distance Heat Transport

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Loop Heat Pipes

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Loop Heat Pipes (KHPs) are passive, two-phase heat transfer devices that are bendable, flexible, and routable, typically over longer distances than conventional heat pipes. They can also operate as thermal diodes to prevent backward heat leak. Ideal for cooling dispersed systems, Loop Heat Pipes can incorporate multiple evaporators and passive or active thermal regulators. These flexible loop heat pipe solutions compensate for transport length and high g limitations of traditional heat pipe assemblies.

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation’s Loop Heat Pipe solutions offer high, cost-effective performance for challenging applications. By incorporating a wick structure only in the evaporator, Loop Heat Pipes are a low-mass solution that can solve complex and far-reaching geometries that traditional heat pipe solutions cannot solve standalone. In its simplest configuration, a loop heat pipe is gravity-aided and has no wick structure.

Aavid’s Loop Heat Pipes are rugged solutions for demanding environments. Loop Heat Pipes can be configured to handle multiple heat sources or evaporator sections, transport heat up to 23 meters (75 feet), withstand millions of flex cycles, or resist gravity loads up to 9g. Customization of LHP working fluid and material options enable a LHP solution to meet your unique operating conditions, including cryogenic up to high temperature applications.

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