Immersion Cooling Boiler Plates

A two phase cooling solution for extreme heat flux applications.

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Immersion Cooling

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Immersion Cooling enables high heat transfer from high flux heat sources like CPUs and GPUs with no moving parts, enabling greater reliability and longer product lifetimes. Mounting Boiler Plates to high performance chips quickly and efficiently removes heat from sensitive components when placed in an Immersion Cooling System. Customers can boost performance for chips with high heat dissipation where standard air cooled or liquid cooled solutions cannot meet application requirements.

Immersion cooling systems contain dielectric fluid that begins boiling and bubbling as it comes in contact with the boiler plate attached to the heat source. These bubbles rise to the surface of the container and the fluid rejects the heat from the system as it condenses on a heat exchanger or coil to transfer the heat to ambient.

Aavid’s Immersion Cooling Boiler Plates are extremely high performance differentiated with a boiling enhancement surface (BEC) optimized with high wicking and boiling capacity to ensure consistent fluid flow to the surface.

Our engineering team is well-equipped to meet custom design, performance, and mounting requirements for specific applications. Aavid engineers are trained to choose the best BEC, base, and frame materials, identify the right fluid, and utilize a BEC configuration to optimize your system.

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