Boyd Corporation utilizes decades of two-phase cooling expertise to design and fabricate solutions that function and thrive well below room temperatures and into cryogenic environments. Low Temperature and Cryogenic Heat Pipes enable high-precision temperature control, rapid temperature recovery, and long life under demanding conditions.

Cryogenic Heat Pipes function as thermal solutions to protect sensitive detection devices in medical laboratory equipment, in home freezer units, in orbit and beyond. Aavid develops extreme-temperature heat pipes to support large-scale industrial applications such as oil-shale extraction, maximizing uptime while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Like traditional copper-water heat pipes, Cryogenic Heat Pipes can be bent and flattened to fit specific application geometries. Cryogenic Heat Pipes can also be fabricated as Loop Heat Pipes for additional functionality and one directional heat flow. Low Temperature Heat Pipes can also be used in conjunction with other heat pipes and technologies to accommodate wider temperature ranges and added heat dissipation or temperature control functionality.

Boyd’s Cryogenic Heat Pipe solutions are customized to meet your application-specific requirements. Our design process first identifies the right working fluid for your application, then matches a compatible heat pipe metal to create a passive heat transfer component suitable for cryogenic temperatures. We have several wick options that include common sintered metal powder wicks, flexible cable or porous metal foam wick to optimize your low temperature or cryogenic heat pipe for your environmental conditions. Leveraging extensive thermal design and test experience, our engineers keep a mind for manufacturability as we finalize your geometric and thermal requirements for the Cryogenic Heat Pipe.

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Key Industries


  • Cryocooler Interfaces
  • Infrared Sensor Cooling
  • Camera and Sensor Thermal Management in Launch and Orbit Conditions
  • Satellite Component Cooling
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  • Heat Removal in Medical Equipment using Low to Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Cooling Systems for Sample Preservation and Testing
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  • Navy Minesweeping Superconducting Magnet
  • Deep Sea Applications
  • High Acceleration and Geosynchronous Orbit Missions
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