Copper-Water Heat Pipes


High-Precision Temperature Control

Function and thrive well below room temperatures and into cryogenic environments


Enable Longer Product Lifetimes

high-precision temperature control, rapid temperature recovery, and long life under demanding conditions



Meet your application-specific requirements

Designed for High Heat Load

Heat Pipes are a reliable method for transporting heat quickly and effectively. By utilizing the high heat capacity of two-phase water cooling in a versatile copper package, copper-water heat pipes are a popular component in a wide variety of thermal management solutions across broad range of industries.

Boyd Corporation has pioneered heat pipe development and solutions. We have set the world’s standard for commercial application of this passive, highly conductive two-phase heat transfer device for 50 years. Boyd heat pipes are designed for high heat load or gravity sensitive applications where reliability and long life are critical.

Using water as the internal working fluid, the Boyd copper-water heat pipe smoothly moves heat from the heat source to where the heat can be managed more effectively through dissipation to air, liquid, or radiated to space. Ductile copper walls and wick enable bending or flattening to meet an application’s thermal and geometric requirements. This can be used to reduce overall height, increase surface contact, or route heat pipes around keep-out areas like mounting hardware.

Copper-water heat pipes are often integrated into thermal management assemblies to improve effective conductivity and efficiency, improving overall system performance. By using epoxy, solder, or a mechanical interference fit, Boyd’s copper-water heat pipes can be integrated into other components to create heat transport heat pipe assemblies or heat spreading heat pipe assemblies that are more customized to your specific application.

For rapid thermal modeling and comparison of multiple heat sink constructions please try Boyd Genie our heat sink design tool.

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Round Heat Pipes

Part NumberDiameterLengthWall ThicknessTypical Qmax*Contact Us
HP-CWS-R03-075-N375Thin13Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R03-100-N3100Thin10Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R03-150-N3150Thin7Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R03-200-N3200Thin5Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R03-250-N3250Thin4Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R03-300-N3300Thin3Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R04-085-N485Thin32Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R04-100-N4100Thin28Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R04-149-N4149Thin19Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R04-207-N4207Thin13Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R04-260-N4260Thin11Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R04-302-N4302Thin9Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R05-097-N597Thin42Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R05-150-N5150Thin27Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R05-200-N5200Thin20Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R05-258-N5258Thin16Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R05-300-N5300Thin13Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R05-350-N5350Thin12Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R06-100-N6100Thin52Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R06-150-N6150Thin35Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R06-200-N6200Thin26Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R06-250-N6250Thin21Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R06-310-N6310Thin17Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R06-350-N6350Thin15Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R08-100-N8100Thin74Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R08-155-N8155Thin48Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R08-200-N8200Thin37Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R08-250-N8250Thin30Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R08-300-N8300Thin25Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R08-360-N8360Thin21Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R10-101-K10101Think98Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R10-156-K10156Think63Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R10-216-K10216Think46Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R10-266-K10266Think37Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R10-321-K10321Think31Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-R10-346-K10346Think28Contact Us Button

Flat Heat Pipes

Part NumberDiameterLengthFlat WidthFlat HeightWall ThicknessTypical Qmax*Contact Us
HP-CWS-F04x25-100-N410052.5Thin13Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-F04x25-150-N415052.5Thin9Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-F05x35-100-N510063.5Thin39Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-F05x35-150-N515063.5Thin26Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-F05x20-075-N57572Thin17Contact Us
HP-CWS-F05x20-100-N510072Thin13Contact Us
HP-CWS-F05x20-150-N515072Thin8Contact Us
HP-CWS-F05x20-200-N520072Thin6Contact Us
HP-CWS-F06x28-075-N67582.8Thin55Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-F06x28-100-N610082.8Thin41Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-F06x28-150-N615082.8Thin27Contact Us Button
HP-CWS-F06x28-200-N620082.8Thin21Contact Us Button
Not finding your part number in the table, please check the archived part number page.

Key Industries


  • CPU & GPU Embedded Heat Sink Heat Spreading
  • DIMM Card Cooling Solutions
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  • Computer or Server Microprocessor Cooling
  • Telecommunications Electronics Cooling
  • Test Equipment
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    Consumer Electronics

  • CPU & GPU Cooling Systems
  • Laptop Cooling Systems
  • Notebook Thermal Management Solutions
  • Handheld Gaming System Cooling
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