Constant Conductance Heat Pipes

Axially grooved constant conductance heat pipes (CCHPs) from Aavid provide unsurpassed thermal transfer of high heat loads over distances over 3 meters and they can cost less to fabricate than heat pipes with conventional wicks.

Low maintenance axially grooved constant conductance heat pipes are ideal for satellite thermal management applications. For electronics enclosure cooling, the long-range heat transfer capabilities of these heat pipe solutions are effective for increasing design flexibility, giving engineers a variety of options for cooling electronic components in various challenging locations.

Axially grooved heat pipes work best where gravity is not a factor, such as in horizontal configurations or aerospace and satellite applications. Axial groove heat pipes are efficient in returning condensate to the evaporator.

Axially grooved heat pipes use a circle of grooves in the interior wall of the heat pipe envelope as the wick efficiently pulls condensate back to the evaporator from the cooler surfaces where working fluid had condensed.

Axially Grooved Heat Pipe Advantages
•No moving parts to fail and extremely reliable
•Long-distance transfer of heat is possible and allows greater range than sintered powder metal or screen wick heat pipes
•Wide operating temperature range: -200°C to 250°C
•Low mass
•Flight qualification

Aavid Axially Grooved Heat Pipe Experience and Capabilities
Wide range of heat pipe envelope materials to choose from:
•Stainless steel

Wide range of working fluids to choose from:

Standard and Custom Profiles
•Single- and dual-bore geometry
•1/4" (12.5 mm) and 5/8" (15.9 mm)
•Other sizes and profiles available
•Straight or bent heat pipe configurations

Manufacturing Capabilities
•High-purity working fluid processing
•Non-Condensable Gas (NCG) testing
•Proof pressure testing
•Aerospace qualified welding
•Machining, bending, and forming
•Post-pinch leak testing
•Thermal cycling
•100% thermal performance testing
•Embedding into radiator panels

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