Plate Fin Heat Exchanger


Longer Product Lifetimes

Vacuum brazed for maximum cleanliness, quality, and reliability


Design Flexibility

Flexible fin geometry and a variety of folded fin types.


Improved Performance

Improve heat dissipation, device performance, and speed with the added surface area.

Meet a Broad Range of Heat Transfer and System Requirements

A Plate Fin Heat Exchanger utilizes solid plates to conduct heat from one fluid flow path to heat transfer fins which then transfer heat to a second fluid. The heat transfer fin and plate construction add to the structural integrity of the heat exchanger, enabling it to withstand high pressures. This construction type also can contain large surface areas in relatively small heat exchanger volumes, which makes it a compact option for applications with tight volume or weight requirements.

The Plate Fin Heat Exchanger construction is easily customizable to meet a broad range of heat transfer and system requirements. Not only is the fin geometry flexible but can utilize varying folded fin types like round-crested, flat-crested, lanced, offset, louvered or wavy fins to balance heat transfer, flow rate, and pressure drop.

Boyd’s aluminum Plate Fin Heat Exchangers are custom-designed, as every system is unique. We vacuum braze our plate heat exchangers for maximum cleanliness, quality, and reliability. Through our numerically controlled process and robust fixtures, we assure complete metallurgical bonding between plate fins for rugged and leak-free operation. Boyd operates multiple vacuum brazing ovens, including one that can braze parts up to 3.05 m (10 feet) long and 0.97 m (3 feet 2 inches) wide.

A Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger can be designed for use with any combination of gas, liquid, and two-phase fluids. Our experienced engineering team carefully selects the number of plate and fin layers, the size of the plates and fin, and the type of fin for optimum performance. Manifold ducting and mounting brackets are welded in place as specified, and any required paint or coating (including MilSpec compliant) can be added.

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