Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreader



heat spreading solutions with added mechanical strength


High Thermal Conductivity

spread heat evenly and quickly away from sensitive components within a sealed mechanical envelope



alternative to traditional metal or ceramic encapsulants

Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreaders are lightweight heat spreading solutions with added mechanical strength. Heat Spreaders are critical to product success as electronics increase in power and density, generating more heat that requires effective management. Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreaders utilize high thermal conductivity of Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) to spread heat evenly and quickly away from sensitive components within a sealed mechanical envelope. Since graphite is brittle and flaky, this envelope prevents graphite particles from becoming foreign object debris within a device, negating the inherent potential of brittle graphite flakes causing a device to short or contamination of a clean environment.

Boyd utilizes our patented k-Core® technology to fabricate Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreaders. This process integrates high heat spreading APG cores with the strength of metals, ceramics, or composites in a single component. Or we can utilize thinner, more flexible materials such as polyimide films for ultra-thin graphite heat spreaders for low profile applications. Polyimide films are a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal or ceramic encapsulants, making it ideal for high volume applications. As graphite is a lightweight, high conductivity material, Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreaders offers an innovative solution to drive weight savings or smaller formats without sacrificing performance. Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreaders and Radiator Panels enable designers to passively and reliably leverage graphite’s performance in a safe and contained unit, improving the reliability, lifetime and efficiency of expensive electronics.

In addition to the heat spreading capacity of graphite, we further customize Encapsulated Graphite Heat Spreaders by integrating additional, complementary thermal management technologies. By adding finned regions to a Graphite Heat Spreader, engineers provide additional surface area and thermal performance in natural convection from ambient air or forced convection from fans or blowers for higher heat dissipation.

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Key Industries

Mobile Electronics

  • Passive OLED Heat Spreading and Thermal Management
  • Touch Temperature Control Graphite Heat Spreader Solutions
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  • Graphite Heat Spreaders for High Performance Avionics Equipment
  • Satellite Radiator Panels
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  • Military Grade Avionics Equipment
  • Graphite Heat Spreaders within Military Aircraft such as the F-35, F-22 and F-16 Fighter Planes
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