Loop Heat Pipes

Loop heat pipe thermal solutions are completely passive, two-phase heat transfer devices that are bendable, flexible and routable. They can even operate as thermal diodes to prevent backward heat leak. Ideal for cooling the dispersed control systems found throughout today’s military aircraft, loop heat pipes can incorporate multiple evaporators and passive or active thermal regulations.

Aavid loop heat pipes are managing thermals in aerospace, medical and test equipment, and satellite applications, helping designers meet the strictest specifications and deal with the most rugged operating environments.

For simple, lightweight and flexible heat removal in long-distance heat transfer applications where conventional heat pipes aren’t feasible the loop heat pipe offers cost-saving, high performance. It has a wick structure only in the evaporator, allowing a low-mass solution. In its simplest configuration, loop is gravity-aided and has no wick structure.

Aavid Loop Heat Pipe Advantages

•Totally passive with no external energy required

•Transports heat up to 75 feet (23 meters)

•Broad operating temperature range for cryogenic to high-temperature applications

•Flexible and flex fatigue resistance tested to more than 7.5 million flex cycles

•Resists gravity loads up to 9g, shock, vibration, freeze, and thaw

•Versatile heat load capabilities for dissipating a few watts or many kW


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