Heat Spreaders

Move heat rapidly and efficiently from concentrated, high-heat flux sources to a heat sink or secondary heat exchanger using Aavid’s application-tested heat spreaders.

Heat spreaders move heat from within enclosures, where space may be at a premium, to areas with a larger cross-sectional area, surface area and/or volume and a lower heat flux. When spread out, the heat can be more easily dissipated, helping to protect key electronic components like microprocessors.

Heat spreaders can dissipate heat to air by either forced or natural convection, liquid pumped systems or to space via radiated heat. This results in greater design flexibility for cooling today’s increasingly powerful and heat-generating electronics.

Embedded Assembly

For high performance in high-heat flux applications, Aavid embedded heat pipes are a cost-effective solution for spreading heat, proven in mission-critical environments like computer server, military and aerospace.

Vapor Chamber Assembly

Aavid Vapor Chamber Assemblies deliver higher thermal performance than traditional solid conduction heat sinks by alleviating spreading resistance with 3D two-phase spreading.


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