Heat Spreader Solutions: Embedded Heat Pipes

Aavid’s embedded heat pipe heat sink solutions produce excellent spreading of heat along the length of heat pipes embedded within a heat sink.

Incorporating two-phase heat transfer principles means more efficient cooling. Heat pipes remove “hot spots” from the heat sink base, sending the heat across the heat sink base and maximizing airside fin efficiency. Aavid’s rugged, reliable heat spreaders protect critical electronic components on the new Zumwalt class (DDG-1000) Navy destroyers.

Designers also get high-heat flux heat dissipation capability of greater than 300 W/cm2 with Aavid’s sintered powder wick structures. Aavid’s embedded heat pipes can offer a thermal performance improvement of up to 20% compared with typical aluminum or copper base spreaders particularly in applications like electronics or computers, where the heat source is small relative to the area for fins. Thermal architects have more flexibility because embedded heat pipes don’t require changing the geometry of the heat sink.

Aavid heat pipes can be mounted to the base in several ways, including direct soldering into grooves on the heat sink base with the heat pipes in direct contact with heat source, or embedded into holes using a proprietary expansion process that provides an efficient metal to metal thermal interface. Because of our pliable sintered powder metal wick structure, Aavid’s heat pipes are effectively bent, shaped, flattened and configured to fit into the tightest applications. For example, if is there a mounting hole in the base, a heat pipe can be bent to go around it. To make the best thermal contact, the heat pipes are soldered or adhesively bonded into the metallic heat sinks. Aavid’s procedures for making these solder or adhesive bonds and the material used have been proven to withstand and survive the toughest temperature extremes and vibration environments.

For cost-sensitive applications, Aavid offers a thermally conductive adhesive film that ensures even coverage of the epoxy joint throughout the interface. Heat pipes can also be integrated into the “hot face” of the heat sink for direct contact to the heat pipe wall.

Brief Technical Data


Custom; application-specific


Various shapes (square, L-shaped, rectangular, pedestal-mounted, etc.)

Embedded Heat Pipe Options

Expanded, soldered, thermal epoxy

Heat Pipe Material

High-purity copper

Working Fluid



Sintered copper powder (grooved or screen)

Maximum Heat Flux

  >300 W/cm2

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