Siltec joins Boyd

Solutions for High-Level Technology

On October 20, 2021, Boyd acquired Siltec, a Weiler, Germany-based specialist in silicone compounding for custom products in the highly-regulated medical industry. With advanced in-house compounding, molding, extrusion, and finishing, this team and facility continues to expand Boyd’s material science expertise and our manufacturing footprint within Europe.

Silicone Tubes

Silicone tubes feature ideal biocompatible material for medical suction tubes, irrigation tubes, drainage tubes and other healthcare applications. Our substantial experience in medical technology and production enables us to support your demanding silicone tube project requirements with exacting quality and reliability to assure patient safety and wellness.

Silicone Breathing Tubes

Our reusable, silicone breathing tubes are ideal for medical anesthesia and respiratory equipment. Our design and production ensure a strong bond between sockets, helixes, and other hose connections and facilitates cleaner usage with reduced dirt collection. Learn more about our silicone breathing tubes.

Silicone Over-Molding and Encapsulation

Integrate multiple components and functions into a single assembled part with silicone over-molding and encapsulation. Protect functional components like electronics from damage or cushion users against rigid components with compliant, comfortable, and gentle materials like silicone. Learn more about our extensive over-molding and encapsulation processes.

Silicone Injection Molding

The versatility of injection molding techniques in the hands of our experienced product and process designers coupled with advanced manufacturing technologies and a broad range of other in-house secondary processes enables our customers to develop the best molded silicone solution for their products. Learn more about our injection molding services.

Silicone O-rings

From standard formulations and designs to custom compounding and complex seal design, we can provide the silicone o-ring or sealing solution that you need for your application. Learn more about our standard or custom silicone o-rings:

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