Sensata’s Thermal Test and Controls Business joins Boyd

Additional Cooling Solutions for Semiconductor Thermal Test and Controls

Boyd acquired what was formerly known as the Sensata Qinex business unit from Sensata Technologies in 2022. This business unit specializes in precision thermal control systems to enable extreme temperature forcing for semiconductor packages, interface testing, and socket testers. We’re excited to add this semiconductor capability expansion to Boyd’s portfolio, further supporting our customers in this market.

Find information on Boyd’s thermal control units (TCU’s) and burn-in sockets in our Semiconductor solutions. These new semiconductor solutions complement Boyd’s existing portfolio of liquid cooling, electrical and thermal insulation, sealing and environmental protection for semiconductor fabrication and automated test equipment, as well as thermal management solutions for semiconductor installations.

Legacy Qinex interconnect solutions include:

Portable refrigerant-based thermal forcing systems
Dry air/condensation control supply systems
Socket and Package adapters
Burn-in Thermal Management Solutions

Semiconductor 566x300 1


Thermal control units, burn-in sockets for memory and logic, ATE cooling and protection systems, and direct to chip cooling technologies.


Thermal Control Unit

Sockets 566x300 1


Semiconductor burn-in and test sockets are essential to test and validate all types of integrated circuits

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