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Discussion of Optically Clear Adhesives

Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) improves the brightness and contrast of a touch screen, allowing a clearer and more vivid user experience. With the level of integration today’s mobile computing devices play in our daily lives, OCA helps enrich the user’s interaction and engagement with their touch screen devices.

Thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) technology replaced cathode ray tube (CRT) as the primary leader of display technology approximately ten years ago. One of the key benefits of a TFT-LCD display is that screen size is very flexible, from small screens of 1” to very large screens of 100”. This innovation created numerous new opportunities for screen design, impacting dimensions and end-use applications.

Multi-point projective capacitive touch panel technology was similarly developed about ten years ago. This technology characterizes the touch panel’s precise positioning capability and very fast response times.

The combination of TFT-LCD display and multi-point projective capacity touch panel technology has been a revolutionary product introduction, specifically for mobile computing devices, taking the phone from a simple communication tool to allowing the ability to quickly and easily use handheld technology for hundreds of different applications.

One inherent problem with touch panel display technology is that light transmittance decays as incremental materials are stacked upon one another, degrading picture and screen quality. This is where Boyd’s expertise in OCA brings the ideal solution. Optically Clear Adhesives help to solve transmittance problems by improving brightness and contrast in the touchscreen, providing the high quality image consumers demand.

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