Portable Medical Device Case Study

Project Details

Customer: Aqueduct Medical

Application: Cold Therapy

Technology: Liquid Cooling, TEC

Industry: Medical & Diagnostic

Location: California

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The Design Challenge

Aqueduct Medical is a leading producer of cooling system therapydevices for post-operative care for facial plastic surgery. Their coolingsystem circulates cooled water through their patented masques andvests to reduce pain, swelling, bruising, and downtime for patients in asafe and controlled manner.

These devices must be portable, light, easy to use, and affordable whilekeeping their cooling and operating temperatures at very specific levelsfor patient comfort and safety.

While creating the prototype for their device, Aqueduct Medicalsought the expertise of Aavid, Thermal division of Boyd Corporation, toaid in designing and optimizing the heat dissipation assembly.

The prototype had very specific design constraints such as to be easy touse and be unobtrusive in a patient’s home. It also had to be affordablewhile maintaining proper temperatures to deliver the maximumtherapeutic use.

Noise, weight, power consumption, and cost all needed to be keptcarefully regimented as well as temperature. The industrial design alsohad to conform well to how the prototype worked and operated.

The Aavid Solution

Aavid engineered and optimized the heat dissipation assembly forprototyping. The cooling solution was designed with thermoelectricmodules placed on a cold plate and an active cooling consisting of heatsinks and a fan while complying with the design constraints of:

-Less than $35 production cost for the cooling solution
-28℃ Ambient Temperature
-Noise <40dBA at 1m from housing
-Power Supply <220W, 12V DC

Fluid Flow:

-Tap water, Distilled water, or Saline.
-Target flow rate < 0.8lpm to enter a liquid cold plate
-Liquid enters the cold plate at a maximum of 7℃
-60W must be removed from the liquid entering the cold plate

During the design and optimization process, the cost for a massproduction version of the cooling solution (heat sink, cold plates) wereestimated.

Aavid managed to keep the cost close to the targeted price, theacoustics below the target, and provide a simple, effective andcompact cooling solution.

Today Aqueduct Medical’s AqueCool Controlled Cooling System is themost advanced post-operative recovery system available to plasticsurgical patients and is sold world-wide. Patients find that theirdiscomfort and downtime after surgery is significantly decreased thanksto these systems.

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