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What is Boyd Genie?

Boyd Genie is a free thermal design software application available online. The Genie guides engineers through the thermal solution design process with helpful tips and real-time thermal performance estimates. With the Boyd Genie, it is easy to design and simulate your air cooled heat sink in under 15 minutes.

Once you input your requirements and design parameters, Boyd Genie calculates the most optimum heat sink designs to fit your needs. These design options can be ranked by size, mass, thermal performance, and pressure drop to help you choose the right fabrication and flow rate for your application. The heat sink design tool then walks you through additional customization options such as adding more fins, heat pipes, and flow rates. Lastly, you place your heat sources on the base of your heat sink. Boyd Genie allows for multiple heat sources of varying size and shapes as well as adding uniform heat loads.

After you run your thermal simulation, the Genie offers several next steps for making your heat sink a reality:

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Need a bit more introduction? Watch our Boyd Genie Introduction video to get an overview:

Boyd Genie Thermal Design Project Checklist

To optimize your heat sink design and thermal performance and to save time within the Boyd Genie app, it is best to have as much information as possible before you begin designing. Below is a checklist of all the parameters and key considerations that you would need to develop and run thermal simulations for your custom heat sink.

It's ok to start using Boyd Genie without all necessary information. Boyd Genie saves your progress through every step of the heat sink design process. If you need to pause a project, your inputs will be saved and ready for you when you come back. You may also go back and change inputs as needed up until you choose to run a thermal simulation.

Parameter Checklist

  • Available Volume (Working Envelope) for your heat sink (Length, Width, and Height).
    • Check the Boyd Genie working envelope resource for more information on how Boyd Genie defines this parameter.
  • Total Heat Load across all devices.
    • Learn more about how to calculate dissipated thermal power
  • Size and Placement of Devices on the Base of your Heat Sink.
  • Environmental Temperature and Altitude.
    • Read about some of the considerations you should make for the environmental conditions of your application.
  • Maximum Heat Sink Base Temperature or Heat Sink Thermal Resistance.
  • Maximum Allowable Pressure Drop or Flow Rate.
  • Consider if you will be using Natural or Forced Convection.
    • The Genie will give options to help you decide, but for more information check our post about natural vs forced convection.
    • You may also want to consider if your flow is ducted or has a bypass.
  • Consider if there are any heat sink fabrication types or materials that will not work for your application.

If at any point in the process you require thermal design assistance, Boyd Engineers are available to help. Share custom heat sink designs and questions with Boyd directly through the Boyd Genie App or on our Contact Us page.

Boyd Genie Tutorial Video

To get an in-depth experience on how to use Boyd Genie, watch the Boyd Genie Project Tutorial. This 12-minute video goes through the whole Boyd Genie process from registration, logging in, and every option available in Boyd Genie during an example heat sink design process in real time.

View Boyd Genie Project Tutorial to watch!

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