Grando joins Boyd


Material Science Innovation and Technology

On December 1, 2021, Boyd acquired Grando, a Belgium-based specialist in rubber, foam, and plastic polymer science for the highly-regulated rail and industrial technology industries. Grandos’ solutions complement Boyd’s diverse technology portfolio and further enhances our ability to meet our customers’ most demanding material challenges, especially in the European region.


Composites offer exceptional mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. They're beneficial in many applications, replacing metals and other alloys. A specialized blend of multiple non-mixable components, composites possess properties superior to those of its components. Our expertise in combining reinforcement, matrix binders, and additives allow Boyd to develop high performance materials that meet demanding application requirements at a fraction of the mass and weight of metal components.


Also known as rubbers, elastomers are leveraged in a wide range of applications. Our material science engineers continually develop products with greater mechanical, thermal, and physicochemical performance. At Boyd, we develop, compound, mold, extrude, and convert rubber technologies into custom solutions for your toughest applications.


Foams, which include flexible cellular rubbers and expanded plastics, offer ideal properties for sealing, shock absorption, and noise damping. With both open and closed celled options, foams come in a wide variety of formulations and options including our proprietary lightweight and fire resistant SOLIMIDE ® Foam. Learn more about our foam options and capabilities.


From widely used thermoplastics and industrial or technical plastics to high performance plastics, Boyd offers a wide variety of thermoplastic variants for a broad range of applications. We leverage our knowledge and ability to compound, mold, and extrude plastics to decrease customer product weight, increase resilience and durability, and improve the consumer experience.

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