SOLIMIDE® Polyimide Foam


Enhanced Fire Protection

Will not burn and emits very little smoke when exposed to flame.


Maintains Flexibility and Resiliency

at cryogenic temperatures and higher temperature formulations can withstand continuous use up to 300°C.


Highly Customizable

to meet your specific application needs.

Multi-Functional Comprehensive Solution

SOLIMIDE® Foams are a lightweight open-celled polyimide foam with excellent thermal and acoustic properties, enhanced fire protection, and safety characteristics. Lightweight characteristics of SOLIMIDE® Foams create significant weight savings compared to products with similar thermal, acoustic, and insulation performance. However, SOLIMIDE® stands alone when you consider weight, insulative properties, fire resistance, non-toxicity, and our best-in-class operating temperature range.

SOLIMIDE® Foams lightweighting and safety benefits create a higher performing thermal and acoustic insulator compared to alternative materials: same or better insulation performance in a lower profile, lighter weight, self-supporting structure. This results in a lower total cost of ownership, enhanced customer safety, and easier installation for aircraft OEMs, passenger and cargo airline organizations, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul service providers. High noise reduction coefficients also mean passengers experience greater acoustic comfort and less ambient noise perpetuation for densely populated areas. Boyd’s SOLIMIDE® Foams are optimized for high performance applications with demanding safety and durability requirements like naval ships, commercial aircraft, spacecraft, and heavy-duty transportation.

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SOLIMIDE® Foam vs. Other Open Cell Foam: Fire Resistance Test

Designed for Enhanced Fire Protection

Boyd’s SOLIMIDE® Foams are designed for enhanced fire protection and possess a wide range of ideal safety characteristics. SOLIMIDE® Foam exceeds FAR 25.856 fire resistance specifications, will not burn and emits very little smoke when exposed to flame. SOLIMIDE® Foams are flexible and stable at cryogenic temperatures and higher temperature formulations can withstand continuous use up to 300°C, ideal for applications like 3D/additive manufacturing insulation. Sensitive systems like semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment and consumer environments benefit from the low off-gassing and formaldehyde-free composition of SOLIMIDE® Foams. These insulating foams are non-toxic, possess high hydrolytic stability, and do not support microbial growth, making SOLIMIDE® Foams a durable, long-term option for the harshest environments.

Boyd not only produces SOLIMIDE® Foams, but we leverage our expertise in material science, design, and precision converting to create effective laminated, cut-to-shape solutions, designed to your specification, ready for installation. Boyd offers seven variations of SOLIMIDE® Foams to meet your specific application needs. Our integration technologies allow us to combine SOLIMIDE® Foams with other engineered materials to make a multi-functional comprehensive solution to your insulation, acoustic, heat shielding, and safety requirements. SOLIMIDE® Foam is regularly combined with additional specialty materials to enhance its inherent performance strengths. It’s also heat and pressure formable, which enables mold and compress the best SOLIMIDE® Foam formulation to create highly customized, high performance insulating components tailored to your system.

SOLIMIDE® Foam vs. Other Open Cell Foam: Water Test

SOLIMIDE® Liquid Nitrogen Test under Cryogenic Temperatures

Foam NumberDescriptionTypical Density
kg/m3 (lb/ft3)*
Max Cont.
Use Temp °C (°F)
Noise Reduction
Thermal Conductivity
W/mK ((BTU·in)/(hr·ft2·°F))
Typical ApplicationsData Sheet
AC-530The gold standard in high performance aircraft insulation. Least dense option. Long term stability under humid conditions and after temperature cycling.5.4 (0.34)200 (400)0.7≤ 0.050 (0.35)Aircraft, Aerospace, Industrial: Fuselage, under floor, ECS ducts and equipment, cryogenic expansion and contraction joints in civil, commercial, & defense aircraft & spacecraft.Download
AC-550Better noise reduction capabilities with long term stability under humid conditions and after temperature cycling.7.0 (0.44)200 (400)0.75≤ 0.048 (0.33)Aircraft, Aerospace: Fuselage, under floor, ECS ducts and equipment in civil, commercial & defense aircraft & spacecraft.Download
AC-550HBest thermal insulation of non-densified foams. Has long term stability under humid conditions and after temperature cycling.8.0 (0.50)200 (400)N/A0.043 (0.30)Aircraft and Aerospace: Sidewalls, ECS systems, cushioning, thermal protection and vibration damping in defense tanks, missiles, & torpedoes.Download
TA-301Most commonly used formulation of SOLIMIDE foams, especially for naval ships and commercial marine vessels due to its extreme light weight, excellent thermal properties, and outstanding acoustical absorption.  Ideal insulation for expansion and contraction joints in cryogenic applications. 6.4 (0.40)200 (400)0.7≤ 0.046 (0.32)Naval Ships, Industrial, Transportation: Bulkhead/Overhead, Duct and Pipe covering insulation in naval surface combatants and submarines. Insulation for HVAC of rail cars, general industrial use and in expansion and contraction joints (LNG). Download
HT-340Higher temperature resistance and long term stability under humid conditions and temperature cycling.6.4 (0.40)300 (575)0.7≤ 0.046 (0.32)Aerospace, Industrial, Semiconductor, Power, Transportation: High temperature ducting and insulation in solar, rail, LNG pipelines and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment. Heater sleeve insulation in industrial and semiconductor testing and fabrication.Download
CC-306Higher noise reduction qualities.8.0 (0.50)200 (400)0.75≤ 0.043 (0.30)Marine: Hull insulation & noise control in submarines, naval vessels.Download
Densified SOLIMIDE®**Densified foam to meet user specification & thickness. Used for vibration damping with enhanced thermal management for small spaces.32.0 (2.0)300 (575)N/A≤ 0.032 (0.22)Aviation, Automotive, Consumer/Mobile Electronics, eMobility, Medical: Handheld device touch temperature management, avionics and in-flight entertainment systems (IFE), infotainment and navigation systems, user interfaces & screens, industrial small tubing systems, and automotive engine areas.Download

*Subject to normal manufacturing variation

**Also available in other densities which can be tailored to meet application specific requirements. Physical properties will vary based upon level of densification.

Key Industries


  • In-Flight Entertainment Systems (IFE) Thermal Management
  • Environmental Control Systems (ECS) Ducts and Equipment
  • Fuselage & Under Floor Insulation
  • Expansion and Contraction Joint Insulation for Cryogenic Environments
  • Read More…


  • Lightweight bulkhead Insulation on naval surface combatants
  • Hull insulation on submarines
  • Duct Insulation
  • Pipe covering
  • IMO Fire Restricting Material on High Speed Craft
  • Expansion and Contractioin Joints of LNG tankers
  • Industrial

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and Test Equipment
  • Cryogenic & High Temperature Joint Insulation
  • Small Tubing Insulation
  • Heater Sleeve Thermal Insulation in Semiconductor or Manufacturing Equipment
  • Read More…


  • Touch Temperature Control for Medical Devices in Skin Contact
  • Non-Toxic, Microbial Resistant Foam to Exceed Medical Standards
  • Ultrasound Wand Thermal Insulation
  • Cardiac Programmer Wand Touch Temperature Management
  • Read More…

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