Protect Components and Systems from Excessive Heat Exposure with Thermal Insulation and Shielding

What is Thermal Insulation and Shielding?

Blocking, insulating or shielding excess heat helps control touch temperature for consumer safety, maintain comfortable use environments, and protects heat-sensitive components.

SOLIMIDE® Thermal Insulation Foams

Leverage Boyd’s open cell, high-performance polyimide foam with exceptional lightweight, thermal, and acoustic properties to insulate both heat and sound.

Heat Shields

Block radiated heat from sensitive environments like passenger cabins or sensitive components like electronic device batteries or display modules with customized Heat Shields.

Thermal Insulation

Passively manage the temperature of components with Thermal Insulation that prevents heat from entering cool areas or seals heat in to maintain ideal thermal operating range for temperature-sensitive devices.

Thermal Interface Materials

Help heat transfer away from high temperature surfaces with Thermal Interface Materials to help protect devices from overheating.

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Increase System Efficiency

Prevent intermixing of hot and cold regions to maintain optimal fluid line or device temperatures.

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Enhance User Safety

Shield users from extreme operating temperatures from engines or insulate against environmental conditions.

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Increase Product Lifespan

Protect sensitive components against extreme temperatures that can reduce performance or cause severe damage.

Proper Thermal Insulation can Improve Performance and Efficiency

Manufacturers continually design more powerful, higher performing products. These faster, more powerful designs generate incremental waste heat that is detrimental to the safety and efficiency of critical systems and consumer-facing products. 

Heat shields and thermal insulation solutions present many options for consideration like optimal material selection, unique geometry design, and assembly to help manage excess waste heat. Boyd’s Engineered Material experts collaborate with you to identify critical performance needs to recommend the best raw materials that will exceed both environmental and use exposures.

These solutions are efficiently produced using industry-leading precision converting capabilities to create fully integrated insulation and shielding solutions customized for your application. We combine the performance benefits of multiple materials into one easy-to-install deliverable.

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High Performance, Open-Cell Polyimide Foam

Complementary to our precision converting processes to make optimal thermal shields and insulators, Boyd Corporation also manufactures SOLIMIDE® Foams, a high performance, open-cell polyimide foam ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation. Our SOLIMIDE® Foams product family is lightweight, durable, non-toxic, exceeds FAR25.856 fire resistance requirements and has superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. SOLIMIDE® Foams are found in aircraft, spacecraft, railcars, marine vessels and other application in one of seven variations to insulate in different temperature and environmental requirements.

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