Complex electronics generate immense internal energy from multiple energy sources which have the potential to spark electricity and pose a risk to reliability and user safety. Electrical insulators like Boyd’s LectroShield Electrical Insulation function as an electrical insulation barrier or shield, which ensures you, service technicians and your customers dependable performance.

Boyd’s LectroShield Electrical Insulators are designed to manage high levels of electrical energy with excellent dielectric strength in harsh environments. These insulators are ideal for applications requiring high electrical and breakdown resistance. Lectroshield insulators help extend the lifetime of electrical equipment and reduce premature electrical failure.

LectroShield is available as a either a polycarbonate or propylene film. These material options possess high levels of electrical, chemical & mechanical integrity even at high temperatures. Both polycarbonate or propylene film options are UL 94 rated and RoHS compliant.

Some electrical insulators are made from living hinge plastic materials and can be repeatedly bent and folded without breaking or cracking. Lectroshield can be printed on for dual purpose electrical insulation and branding or service instruction solutions.

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