Capacitive Touch Switches

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Sleek and Contemporary Designs

Replaces mechanical buttons with elegant, non-tactile, compact user-interface

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Superior Durability

Prolong switch and device life with sealed, smooth, and easily cleanable capacitive switches, which prevent ingress of moisture or dust.

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Design Flexibility and Enhanced User Experience

Integrate different input methods and feedback mechanisms, adding another layer of communication with the end-user and improving usability.

Cost-Effective Modern Design

Capacitive switches have emerged as a popular user interface style, replacing traditional membrane switches, elastomers, and full travel keyboards as the primary input method on many product designs. Capacitive switch sensors are chosen for the thin, non-mechanical designs that can be applied to curved surfaces and mounted behind glass or decorated plastic. Depending on your application requirements, these sensors can also be backlit to provide a cost-effective modern design. Boyd offers a variety of printed capacitive sensors that can integrate with commonly available microcontrollers to provide capacitive touch sensing.

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