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Versatility And Design Flexibility

Add unparalleled style and functionality in a broad array of applications including user interfaces, integrated displays, and product branding .

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Improved User Experience

Augment user experience by providing visual feedback and pivoting users towards the correct use of device.

Improve Visual Appeal and Enhance User Experience

Backlighting is an industry standard for augmenting the functionality and aesthetics of a device. From home appliances to aircraft cabins and car dashboards to industrial controllers, backlit devices and accents are increasingly ubiquitous. Backlighting is a simple way to improve visual appeal, enhance user experience, and lend a distinctive style to your user interfaces. It can assist and guide users towards the correct operation of a device, especially in dimly lit and dark environments. It also provides vital feedback about user actions and interactions.

Boyd has decades of experience creating custom backlighting solutions for a range of industries such as medical, consumer electronics, appliance, and aerospace. From user interface assemblies to branded nameplates, Boyd can provide you with design considerations and help you integrate the right backlighting solution for your program.

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