Delight Your Customers with Streamlined Product Switches and User Interfaces

Why Use Switches and User Interfaces?

User Interfaces and switches are critical aspects to your product design and its user experience. Leverage Boyd’s various switch and interface technologies to produce an intuitive human-machine interface. From mechanical elastomer buttons and membrane switches to more advanced capacitive switches and touchscreens, we have the technology and design experience to support your interface needs.

Front Panel Integration

Take the guesswork out of display integration with one-stop service that delivers a variety of integration options, a smooth development process, and a capable supplier network, saving you time and resources.


Improve visual appeal and lend a distinctive style to your user interfaces. Guide users and provide feedback during device operation, especially darker settings.

Capacitive Switch Technology

Capacitive switches are a popular style of user interface, replacing traditional membrane switches, elastomers, and full travel keyboards as the primary input method on many product designs.

Membrane Switches

Thin, versatile and economical, membrane switches are ideal for industries such as medical and industrial equipment because they prevent ingress with an easy to clean surface.

User Interface Printed Circuit Boards

Reduce materials and interconnects in your user interfaces by eliminating the need for a rigid subpanel.

Button & Keypad Covers

Elastomer keypads offer a high-profile, tactile feel with an underlying switch layer. Reliable and durable, Boyd’s elastomer keypads are an excellent choice when three-dimensional keys are needed in high-moisture environments such as marine or defense settings.

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Elevate Your Customer Experience

Make using your product intuitive and satisfying with an interface designed specifically for your application.

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Extend Product Lifetimes

With the right technology, your interface and product can withstand the rigors of your application and outlast your competition.

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Increase Cost Efficiency

By integrating switches and user interfaces with a single vendor, Boyd can reduce your costs and complexity.

Complete Interface Design Cycle Support with Boyd

Effort spent refining the industrial design and ergonomics of your product with a custom user interface directly translate into a better customer experience. Boyd’s extensive experience in a broad range of interface and switch styles and our manufacturing expertise makes us an ideal partner in developing your solution. From initial prototyping to volume production, Boyd’s capabilities can help you elevate your product from functional to elegant.

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