Actuate with Precision and Accuracy

Leverage optical encoders to ensure repeatable machinery processes with precise and accurate movements

Proven quality

Meets the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards to manufacture encoding components for a wide variety of industries


Improve Production Yields

Limit wasted raw materials and assembly costs by improving production yield with increased manufacturing processes accuracy.

Highly customizable

Unassembled motor, sensor, and encoder components for custom application motion controls


From printers to robotic arms, optical encoders tell devices when, how, and where to move when performing a function. Encoders are generally used when a motor or force actuator has a moving part that provides feedback to the part’s position. Magnetic and optical encoder wheels sense the position by light sources or by magnetic poles on the disks outside edge.

Boyd understands the importance of high-quality components and has focused on producing custom optical encoder media to achieve superior incremental movement accuracy and component durability for leading global brands. Encoder specifications define the encoder, mechanism, and the control system relationship. Boyd produces optical encoders in a variety of materials and formats to meet our clients’ exacting standards.

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