Inform Users with Labels and Indicators

Why Use Labels and Indicators?

Boyd develops countless custom labels to meet our customer's unique requirements from the medical industry, to eMobility, and to Enterprise installations. We specialize in both decorative and functional labels and are approved UL, cUL, and CSA label manufacturers. As a vertically integrated supplier, Boyd can guide your project through development and production. Even if you don’t know what type of label you need, we’ll walk you through the process and find the best solution for your product.

Regulatory Labels

Take the confusion and guesswork out of the regulatory label process - Boyd provides a variety of approved label and overlay constructions that meet the stringent guidelines outlined by UL, cUL, and CSA. From selecting the appropriate construction to establishing materials, packaging, and documentation, Boyd can efficiently create custom compliancy labels for your product that includes all required certification information.

Sequential Serialization & Barcoded Labels

QR codes, serialized labels, and 2D and standard barcodes are common features that Boyd can incorporate into custom roll or sheet labels. Our advanced printing technology allows us to quickly and accurately print unique barcodes and serialized labels. In addition, Boyd can provide customized label solutions that are compatible with your preexisting devices and equipment. From small orders to high volume production, Boyd can work with you to ensure the final product meets your label needs. 

Cable Wrap Labels

Organize and identify cables and hoses with labeled wraps for easier maintenance and upkeep of complex systems.

Part Markings & Labels

Identify your products with critical information such as brand name, part numbers, and lot numbers. Leverage Boyd’s converting to make labels fit in tight spots or utilize ink or laser marking for more permanent identification.

Warranty Management Labels

You design and warrant your devices with specific functionality and environmental exposure specifications. End consumers constantly push the boundaries of how they use and expect your products to perform, which isn’t always in line with offered warranty programs. Boyd’s Tamper Evident Labels and Moisture Indicators help you manage and defend warranty claim compliance, ultimately reducing allowable warranty claims and charges. Tamper Evidence and Security Labels can also protect Consumers from compromised or unsecure goods. Protect and defend end consumer product warranties with tamper evident labels and indicators.

System Information Labels

Instruct and Inform users of critical safety and maintenance information with large printed adhesive graphics. Boyd offers an extensive array of printing and finishing capabilities including custom inks and specialized textures for a seamless integration with your application.

Optical Encoders

Accurately and precisely measure motion, velocity, and acceleration for your automation equipment or machinery to ensure repeatability in your processes.


Elevate your brand’s image

With decades of precise and multifunctional label manufacturing experience, Boyd can help you create labels that match your brand’s image and aesthetic.


Meet the highest standard of quality and compliancy

Boyd can help you find the right materials, inks, and constructions to meet your desired level of durability and product specification.


Minimize Warranty Costs

Protect and defend against end consumer product warranties with tamper evident labels and indicators.

printed electrical isolation safety information

What Goes Into Making Advanced Display Solutions

Make Labels Do More for you with Boyd

Labels are often designed in areas that require dielectric insulation to meet UL and other industry-specific requirements. Boyd manufacturing specialty is integrating pantone color matching on thin-films for durable and dependable long-term label graphics, with high performance adhesives, electrical insulation, and UL 94 flame rated solutions in a single component. We help reduce component complexity by combining branding, communication of key information, and electrical insulation into a single, high-quality, dependable solution. By integrating multiple functions into a single label, Boyd helps enhance your brand management and consumer safety with reduced supply chain complexity and total lowest landed cost.

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