Graphic Overlays and LED Deadfronts are Critical Interface Layer Components

What Are Graphic Overlays?

Overlays are a critical interface layer component in touchscreens, and membrane switches, or standalone durable labels providing both protection and a surface for graphic printing to create a functional, user-friendly interface.

LED Deadfront & Diffusers

Deadfront overlays product labels are a graphic overlay that does not show symbols or graphics unless they are lit. By controlling when and what graphics are illuminated, your product can communicate to users or consumers. These dead fronts can also use diffusing films to more uniformly spread backlighting. Boyd has in-house capability to produce complex dead front overlay labels.

Display Overlays

Display Overlays use a transparent window within an overlay around an LED or LCD screen providing both environmental protection and additional information and branding to your product.

Keypad & Button Overlays

Provide long lasting identification of elastomeric buttons with precision cut graphic overlays surrounding keypads or buttons. By labeling the surface around elastomeric buttons, printed information will not see the same wear and tear as the buttons themselves.
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Impactful and Lasting First Impression

Make those first moments count with a clean and functional appearance that will endure consistent usage.

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Reduce Costs with Multifunctional Overlay

Integrate electrical isolation, EMI shielding, branding, and labeling into one, cost effective, easy-to-apply solution.

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Maximize your Message and Image

Create intricate shapes, sizes, and custom window cut-outs to fit in the tightest places with Boyd’s precision converting techniques.

Extensive Array of Overlay Options

Often the first thing that a user sees when interacting with a product, graphic overlays can set the first impression of your product. Boyd offers the most extensive array of overlay options in the industry, offering selective textures, printing, embossing, coatings, adhesives, deadfronts, and backlighting to create a specialized overlay solution. Boyd creates state-of-the-art, ready-to-use control panels with a wide variety of graphic overlay options to match any specification.

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Select the Right Protection Needed for Your Design

Boyd specializes in graphic overlays as static components for membrane switches, rubber keypads, and nameplates. Boyd’s experts can help you select a graphic overlay material that offers the right protection with the functionality, durability, and custom decoration needed for your design. Polyester (PET) is a resilient thinner material with resistance to chemicals and harsh elements. Polycarbonate (also known as Lexan) is easy to print, texture, and die cut. It is clear and gives a crisper emboss. Polycarbonate generally is more affordable than polyester.

Additional Graphic Overlay Materials

  • Thin film plastics
  • Polypropylene
  • PET-PC blends
  • Vinyl

Graphic Overlay Options

  • Insulating and EMI shielding
  • Reflective and brushed finishes
  • Coating and texturing
  • Embossing or debossing
  • Custom-matched adhesives
  • UV cured and hardcoats
  • Conductive inks
  • Clear, transparent, anti-glare and deadfront windows or LCD/LED display screen
  • Custom window cut-outs
  • Multi-surface or raised labels for incorporation of buttons
  • Multi-color lenses
  • Sequential serialization
  • Heat & moisture resistant
  • UL, RoHS & REACH compliance

Graphic Overlay Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Durable, four-color custom label printing process, smooth gradations, and halftones
  • Precision laser cutting with close tolerances capable of creating intricate cutouts
  • Pinhole placement for assembly automation, registration
  • Full-coverage, selective or island placement adhesive for intricate assembly & bonding needs
  • Pantone color match (PMS), custom color match
  • Dual surface printing

Design details



Chemical resistance

Broad range


Actuation life

> 1 million

Up to 200K







Fold endurance



Material thickness

Up to .010" (.254mm)

Up to .060"(1.52mm)



UL 94V-2

Hygroscopic resistance

Very good


Outdoor UV resistance

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