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On June 30, 2021, Boyd acquired GMN, a Seattle, Washington-based global leader that specializes in customized solutions for Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, graphic overlays, optical encoders, printed critical interface materials for touchscreens, and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters. GMN’s solutions complement Boyd’s diverse technology portfolio and further enhances our ability to meet our customers’ most demanding material challenges.


Generate an impactful visual and tactile user experience with nameplates, labels, and trim to set your brand apart from the competition. Boyd’s custom badging, trim, and decorative manufacturing experience using state-of-the-art coating, embossing, and etching technologies bring designs to life. Boyd’s robust design and manufacturing methodologies protect branding solutions, assuring they remain beautiful even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

Nameplates and Badging

Distinctive nameplates and badges that help define your brand have endless possibilities with Boyd. Our world class design support, color-matching, and manufacturing capabilities help you generate a custom nameplate that meets your unique needs and environmental demands.

Graphic Overlays

Often the first visual contact a user has with a product, graphic overlays help define your product’s first impression. This interface layer protects and incorporates graphics in touchscreens and membrane switches. As durable information labels, graphic overlays are functional, user-friendly interfaces that feature critical device use or service instruction. Boyd’s overlay options offer selective textures, printing, embossing, coatings, adhesives, deadfronts, and backlighting to create a custom graphic overlay.

Front Panel Integration

Boyd assists in the design and fabrication of custom displays and interface integration. Our one-stop service includes a variety of options, streamlined development process, and solid supplier networks, saving you time and resources. Boyd helps our clients balance custom display cost, longevity, readability in bright light, impact resistance, and performance in extreme environments.

Labels and Indicators

Boyd is a vertically integrated manufacturer of custom decorative, functional, and regulatory labels. We’re approved to produce UL, cUL, and CSA labels. Boyd’s expertise can help guide your project from development to production with regulatory experience.

Optical Encoders

Optical encoders tell devices when, how, and where to move in conjunction with an optical or magnetic sensor. Encoders are used to provide locational feedback to a motor or force actuator.

Switches and User Interfaces

Leverage Boyd’s switch and interface technologies to produce an intuitive user experience in human-machine interface. From mechanical elastomer buttons and membrane switches to more advanced capacitive switches and touchscreens, we have the technology and design experience to support your interface needs.

Plastic Injection Molding

From compression molding to plastic decorating, Boyd offers a complete range of plastic manufacturing services to take your product from conception to production. Leverage our in-house tool room services, engineering resources, and mold flow analysis to get high-quality injection molded components and assemblies.

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