Standard O-Rings


Prevent Fluid and Particle ingress

seal out against water, dust, or air to maintain controlled internal environments


Increase reliability

reduce the impact of noise, vibration, harshness, and shock on your product

O-Rings are a common, yet critical component in dynamic and static assemblies in every industry. Having access to a fast and reliable supply of standard O-Rings helps shorten design and maintenance cycles, improve uptime and time-to-market, and minimize costs. by Boyd Corporation stocks every standard AS-568 O-Ring size in 8 common elastomeric compounds, enabling us to deliver dependable seals immediately. With the highest quality, most timely shipments, and best customer service, Boyd is an ideal partner and O-Ring supplier.

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Key Industries


Smart Automation & Processing facilities for food and beverage, chemical processing and refining require tough seals to enable cost effective, large scale production. Boyd’s high performance and FDA approved standard O-Ring compounds provide our customers with a wide array of options for easy design and maintenance of complex systems.

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Proper sealing solutions are a must in the Medical industry, which is why Boyd supplies a variety of FDA approved compounds as part of our standard O-Ring offering. Whether you’re looking to seal syringes, connectors, medical pumps or filtration systems, Boyd has an O-Ring for you.

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Vehicles rely on several complex liquid and air systems for efficient operation, all of which require dependable seals. From sensors and switchers, to fuel, oil, and coolant connections, or transmission seals & pump components, Boyd has a broad range of O-ring options to meet your requirements.

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