O-Rings and Radial Seals

What are O-Rings?

O-rings are a type of gasket that has a circular profile in a ring shape used to seal surfaces together. Other profiles such as X, U, and V are also used in ring-shaped gaskets for more specific applications.

Standard O-Rings

Boyd stocks more than 150 million O-Rings in eight popular O-Ring compounds spanning all AS568 standard sizes as well as common metric sizes. Boyd’s standard O-Rings are stocked and ready for immediate shipment in the US.

Custom O-Rings

Boyd has a broad range of specialty compounds, designed to suit your specific O-Ring requirements. Most of these specialty compounds can be further customized with coatings and fillers to meet your unique specifications such as color, hardness, and FDA compliance.

Quad Rings & Square Rings

X-Rings are a specialized type of radial seal that have an X shaped cross section instead of a round cross section like O-rings. X-Rings help reduce friction and wear while maintaining a seal. Square Rings, or flat elastomeric washers, are fabricated from compliant material to mate surfaces of harder materials.

Caps & Plugs

Molded rubber plugs, caps, and stoppers seal holes, openings, and containers. Boyd provides a range of custom solutions for your plug, cap, or stopper geometries from our extensive portfolio of rubber and plastic compounds to meet demanding temperature ranges and chemical resistance requirements for virtually any environment.
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Prevent Fluid and Particle Ingress

Seal out against water, dust, or air to maintain controlled internal environments

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Increase Reliability

Reduce the impact of noise, vibration, harshness, and shock on your product.

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Improve Product Lifetimes

Reduce wear and tear between sealed surfaces with durable o-rings.

Engineered Material Experts

Boyd’s Engineered Material experts identify with you the best compound, dimension, finish, filler, and configuration to optimize the sealing performance of o-rings, axial seals, and radial seals within your custom application. Our available engineered materials library for o-rings and molded seals includes more than 600 elastomeric compounds including silicone, fluorocarbon, nitrile (Buna-N), ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and many others in both standard AS568 sizes and custom designs.

Boyd’s o-ring solutions offer both quick service and delivery of standard options for quick-turn needs and custom seal design for more complex performance or assembly challenges. Our o-rings are manufactured in operations with ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949, AS9100C, and ISO14001 certified quality and environmental management systems to assure our sealing solutions exceed the quality and environmental specifications for both general industry and specialized markets like medical, automotive and aerospace.

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Create the Most Optimal Seal for Your Application

We offer excellent on-time delivery, short lead times, the highest quality, and best customer service in the O-Rings industry. Boyd’s engineering team partners with you to help select a compound, assist with design, and provide technical support to create the most optimal radial seal, o-ring or axial seal for your unique application.

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