Display & Optically Clear Adhesives
Medical Grade Adhesives
Mechanical Attachment Systems

Critical and High Performance Bonding and Adhesive Systems

Bonding and Adhesive Systems are highly engineered materials that include a broad range of adhesive tapes, optically clear adhesives, epoxies, or rubbers (OCA/OCR) and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). These materials typically adhere a variety of substrates together or bond components into an assembly. Adhesive and bonding materials are essential components to high performance in nearly every industry.

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Decades of Experience Designing Custom Solutions

Boyd Corporation is an adhesives expert with decades of experience designing custom solutions that feature adhesives and tape for quick and easy assembly. Boyd engineers utilize a series of key parameters to identify the best adhesive system for an application. The success or failure of an adhesive relies on variables such as mating substrates, polymer type, surface contact, dwell time or potential environmental exposures. Failing to consider all aspects of the application can lead to insufficient pull strength, impact resistance, inadequate temperature resistance and product lifetime.

Display & Optically Clear Adhesives

Boyd Corporation is skilled in display technologies and optically clear adhesives that leverage our relationships with and knowledge of expert raw material manufacturers and our in-house precision converting expertise to manufacture cost effective, tight tolerance, registration controlled, high performance display solutions.


Full coverage adhesive, island placement adhesive, and selective coverage adhesive designs allow Boyd to optimize material utilization and product performance to your specifications. We’re well versed in designing and manufacturing a variety of cutting-edge solutions with ultra-tight tolerances laminating multiple material layers for complex assemblies and fabricating value-added solutions formatted for automated assembly equipment with registration control for pick and place in reel-to-reel presentation of parts or individually packed.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape
  • Double Coated Tapes
  • Laminating Tapes
  • Transfer Tapes
  • Custom Tapes
  • Foam Tapes

Medical Grade Adhesives

Boyd’s specialization and decades of experience in Medical Contract Manufacturing deepened. End wound care products range from consumer medical adhesives to gauze pads, tracheostoma care, and industrial grade wound care solutions with drug delivery. Boyd Corporation is a world leader in wound care and medical disposables manufacturing with expertise in skin contact adhesives and tapes, one-time disposables, and repeat-use disposables.

Mechanical Attachment Systems

Boyd’s Mechanical Attachment Systems are ideal for applications that require mechanical attachments for permanent bonds or more reusable and adjustable solutions.
  • Reclosable Fasteners

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