Benefits of Boyd’s Value-Added Assemblies

Multi-Functional Laminated Assemblies

Seal and protect components and users by leveraging multiple materials in a single rotary converted solution to incorporate diverse functions like shock and vibration damping, EMI/RFI Shielding, sealing and ingress protection and, labeling in a single deliverable. Or leverage over molding to combine different materials into a single assembly.

Thermal Assemblies

Leverage the breadth of Boyd’s thermal technologies into a single thermal management solution. Boyd’s equipped to manufacture complete liquid systems utilizing liquid cold plates, heat exchangers, tubing, pumps, quick disconnects, and control systems for your high performance cooling requirements. Or utilize ambient air to its’ fullest potential with thermal fans and blowers combined with heat exchangers, thermosiphons, or enhanced heat sinks with heat pipes and vapor chambers.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Whether you are looking for labels, graphic overlays, die-cut components, or backlighting options, or user switches and interfaces you’ll get custom-engineered solutions to fit your every need, big and small. With faster time to market and increased quality control, our electro-mechanical assemblies will provide you with a more reliable and streamlined supply chain.

Plastic & Metal Housings & Chassis

Most housings require assembly outside of initial fabrication and need to be joined together. Boyd offers a variety of way to complete your housing with secondary processes. To finish plastic housings, Boyd can add inserts to achieve the final geometry. Our expertise in molded-in brass inserts, ultrasonic welding and heat staking, also known as thermal insertion, make Boyd an ideal partner for your plastic housing solution. Boyd’s sheet metal stamping, CNC, welding, and gasketing are a sampling of our enclosure and chassis capabilities.

Coextrusion, Encapsulation, & Overmolding

Boyd’s injection molding and extrusion processes enable us to enhance the performance and functionality of your assembly to help you streamline production and reduce overall costs. Insert components into rubber or plastic for added protection, functionality, or product simplicity. Boyd can overmold metals or rigid plastic in conformable rubbers for user safety, comfort, and protection against scratching and punctures. Encapsulation within high quality rubbers like silicone protects sensitive components like electronics and sensors against environmental risks. Fabric, mesh, or wire inserts in multi-durometer coextrusions add functionality, durability, and performance to our profiles, tubes, and tube sets.

Kitting & Packaging

Kitting helps end users install or maintenance products by including all key components together in a single package. Sourcing multiple components and kitting them into a single package reduces time spent collecting parts from inventory, reduced confusion of matching components, and streamlines the assembly process.

Consolidate Supply Chain and Operations

Drive efficiency and vendor consolidation with turnkey solutions in Boyd’s one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs.


Reduce Overall Costs While Providing More Value

A consolidated supply chain and assembly process means a healthier bottom line and enable you to reduce your pricing or add functionality with the same cost.


Faster time-to-market

Streamline manufacturing for increased control, reduced delays, and substantial time and cost savings.

Streamline Manufacturing and Boost Bottom Line Efficiency

With shrinking time-to-market to create complex assemblies, how do you simplify logistics, mitigate soaring design development costs, and remain agile? At Boyd, we take a holistic approach to building your device. From the manufacture of individual components to the complete assembly, you get a plug-and-play tested assembly that you know will function as intended. Our expertise in a variety of technologies consolidates your supply chain and results in streamlined shipping, accounting, and auditing functions for our clients.

Developing a device with multiple suppliers and manufacturing facilities with varying quality control can be a risky and expensive ordeal. By integrating multiple functions into a single component, we help mitigate costs, reduce assembly time and BOM complexity while reducing the number of vendors you need to manage. You’ll get custom-engineered solutions to fit your project requirements. Our streamlined manufacturing and operations eliminate the hassle of searching for the perfect component or vendor and helps you avoid costly mark-ups and delays.

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Boyd Spotlight Series - Estimator Program Manager

Boyd’s broad expertise of manufacturing processes, engineered materials, joining processes, and assembly enable simplification of complex designs and components. Our supplier relationships and internal capabilities provide increased control, predictability, and lower costs for your supply chain. We work closely with design teams to determine functionality requirements and find ways to create single, multifunctional deliverables that are ready for installation in both manual and automated production lines.

Drive Efficiency

With an escalating need to drive efficiency, it’s time to think beyond component manufacturing and find the complete “value” in value-added assemblies.

Contact us to learn more about Boyd’s techniques and processes for:

    • Design Simplification to increase functionality in fewer components with advanced material selection and converting technologies
    • Advanced Assembly techniques that enable us to produce complex assemblies with ultra-tight tolerances
    • Complete Solutions that integrate Sealing, Thermal, Protection, and Identification into a single cohesive system or deliverable

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