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Selecting and Implementing the Best Material for your Application

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Boyd Corporation is filled with Material Science Experts since we believe the foundation of our solutions depend on selecting the right material for your application. We help you pick the material that best accommodates your end-use environmental conditions, while meeting your application specific requirements and supply chain needs. Our experts work closely with your team during the research and development stage to help you make material choices that blend the best of functionality, usability, and cost.

Boyd has developed deep relationships with our material suppliers to stay on the cutting edge of material science evolution and leverage innovations that help improve your products.

Our Material Science Expertise doesn’t end at material selection but extends to optimized manufacturing practices. For example, high strength adhesives can often be difficult to convert cleanly, but we’ve developed manufacturing processes to ensure precise, tight tolerance components made of very high bond tapes.

High-performance materials can also be expensive, so Boyd has developed manufacturing methodologies to maximize material utilization and yield, like our Segmented Frames for screens, bezel bonding and touch display mounts. Our innovative converting solutions optimized for specific raw materials provide zero-gap tolerances, generating components that are equally functional with optimized material utilization that can’t be achieved by our competitors.

Graphite is another material whose brittleness and flakiness limit its use in optically clear applications or hyper-clean environments. Boyd’s team of material and engineering experts leverage our Material Science Expertise to create manufacturing processes that combine the performance characteristics of graphite with the delivered cleanliness and longevity of supporting adhesives, laminate protective films, and metals. Delivering clean solutions for applications that also need to benefit from the lightweight heat spreading characteristics of graphite.

Boyd’s Material Science Expertise is geared to provide you access to the most viable material options available on the market, while guiding you to make informed decisions on optimal inherent material characteristics, how to enhance those selections with complementary solutions, designed for manufacturing and fully customized for your products and applications.

Raw Copper and Aluminum rolled sheet stock

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