Transforming Raw 3M Materials into Complex Multi-Functional Products

As a 3M Preferred Converter and 3M MedTech Preferred Converter, Boyd Corporation has a well-established partnership with one of the industry's leading adhesive technology experts. 3M has a wide variety of tapes, films, release liners, re-closable fasteners, labeling materials, graphic solutions, medical adhesives, and more. By integrating our advanced converting capabilities, we can help you increase the value of your solutions and reduce your development and delivery costs.

Boyd is an adhesives expert with decades of experience designing custom solutions that feature adhesives and tape for quick and easy assembly. Our engineers utilize a series of key parameters to identify the best adhesive system for an application. The success or failure of an adhesive relies on variables such as mating substrates, polymer type, surface contact, dwell time, or potential environmental exposures. As a 3M preferred converter, we are part of an elite network of converters that have access to some of the best technical expertise and materials in the industry, providing you:

  • Materials Expertise: Plastics, composites, metals—virtually any combination of substrates can be bonded or attached together with the right converted 3M solution.


  • Engineering Consulting: You know your desired result. As a 3M converter, Boyd can help you get there and tailor-make solutions to make your product design a viable reality.


  • Value-Added Converted Formats: As a 3M converter, Boyd can help you think bigger, going beyond your original request to incorporate value added solutions that improve your design and quality, while decreasing your total cost.


  • Prototyping & Samples: Boyd can quickly prototype solutions to provide you samples that demonstrate product capabilities and support your design process.


  • Efficiency: Boyd’s precision converting solutions provide you custom shapes and sizes of die cut tapes, foams, foils, films and other 3M materials, to help create production efficiency or enable automation.

The Engineer’s Guide to EV Battery Material Applications

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Product Options:

Automotive Adhesives & Tapes


Boyd's global expertise as a 3M Preferred Converter and die cut fabricator brings you sealing and protection solutions for Automotive and eMobility applications, meeting the highest tolerances and quality standards. Our products span from:

  • Automotive gaskets and seals
  • Attachment systems
  • EMI/RFI shielding and absorbers
  • Electrical insulation
  • Electrical conduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic NVH for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Thermal conduction
  • Cushioning
  • Shock absorption
  • Vibration damping
  • Lens protection for cameras and driver monitoring
  • Complex adhesive laminations
  • Optical films
  • Graphic overlays
  • Labels and electromechanical subassemblies

We can help with issues related to LED lighting, battery gaskets, cameras and sensors, display & infotainment systems, and other challenges with bringing the latest technology to the road. Our engineers partner with you to understand your performance needs and environmental exposure to automotive specified raw materials for desired performance, helping you reduce part count, cost and complexity. To learn about our eMobility solutions, click here.

Medical Adhesives & Tapes


Sensitive disposable and durable medical applications require precision adhesive systems designed specifically for the medical field. These adhesive systems are designed for unique functionality required by medical providers, accounting for cleanliness, durability, safety, reliability, use environments and the impact to the people that they bond to. Durable medical devices enable care providers to test, diagnose and treat patients using a variety of technologies and equipment. These medical devices require long term, reliable adhesive solutions that assure internal and external components remain fixed in place for the life of the equipment.

Boyd is strategically partnered with the top medical grade adhesive suppliers in the industry. As a 3M Preferred Converter for 3M Medical Materials & Technologies, Boyd provides you access to fast turn samples and a pricing structure that allows you access to the top medical materials, reducing your total landed cost. From smart medical wearables, disposables and wound care, to microfluidic diagnostics, biosensors and other stick to skin solutions, Boyd and 3M have you covered. To learn about our medical solutions, click here.

Industrial Adhesives & Tapes


Battery & power systems, white goods, HVAC, and industrial automation systems are critical to industrial processes and rely on adequate protection and sealing solutions to operate efficiently and effectively. Boyd’s advanced solutions include foam tapes, air ducts, and baffles to custom transfer and double-sided tapes capable of withstanding harsh environments. Solutions are converted to extremely precise geometries for each application to ensure optimized sealing with less assembly time and lower costs.

Optical Films & Optically Clear Adhesives


Optically clear adhesives and other components that support display technologies are some of the most difficult raw materials to handle, fabricate, and assemble due to high aesthetic demands and requirements for visually flawless components in LED screens, LCD displays, and OLED screens. Boyd’s expertise in precision converting, paired with our supplier relationships and Class 100 clean room capabilities enable us to produce optically clear films and adhesives for the most demanding display and optics applications. These adhesives are used specifically for their superior optical and mechanical attachment qualities and are used to bond multiple layers into an optically clear lamination, securely joining components such as touch screens, backlights, liquid crystal displays, capacitive touch panels, and protective covers.

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