Corporate Responsibility

Respecting Governance, Environmental, and Social Aspects of our Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Boyd Corporation recognizes our role as a global and local citizen and takes our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to heart. While our Culture of Respect and Ethics has been a long-standing part our lives within Boyd, we’ve broadened our efforts to reflect the global and local impact we have in our surrounding communities. We believe Boyd’s responsibility extends past compliance and into better governance, environmental, and social practices.

With Boyd’s increased efforts of Corporate Responsibility, we strive to increase transparency of our business practices, preserve our reputation as a great partner, and promote environmental and social consciousness and awareness. We have committed to more comprehensive practices that will help us prevent any misconduct that could cause any damage.

Social Responsibility

At a fundamental level, Boyd employees and everyone we encounter is human, each of which is endowed with undeniable rights. Our social policies reflect the highest respect we have for each individual. From the essential health and safety of each person, to fair labor standards, embracing diversity and overall inclusion, Boyd is dedicated to a positive work environment. Our positive work environment not only applies within our organization, but expect each individual we encounter, including third party suppliers and partners, to adhere to the same ethical standards.

Environmental Responsibility

We realize we have a significant impact on the environment as a global organization. As such, it is our responsibility to define and enact practices and processes that reduce any negative effects in our shared home. With conscious and deliberate planning and implementation, we strive to reduce our climate impact, carbon footprint, waste production by adopting more energy efficient machinery, updating air and water systems, and introduce more sustainability into all of our processes.

Governance Responsibility

Boyd’s Governance practices endeavor to not only adhere to laws and regulations, but also to fair and ethical business practices. This includes compliance with legal requirements of general business practices, data protection, finances, and accounting. By keeping proper documentation in these areas, we act transparently, manage risks, and help prevent bribery and corruption from an individual to corporate level.

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

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