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Boyd Corporation has over 90 years of customer success and is a worldwide leader in advanced sealing, thermal management, and protection solutions. From humble beginnings as an industrial fabricator in the Bay Area of California in 1928; Boyd has evolved into a dynamic global innovator of high performance, integrated solutions.

Since our founding, we've continued to adapt and advocate for innovation that empowers the next generation and enhances our future by:

  • Empowering human curiosity through the safe exploration of space.
  • Enhancing the safety and flexibility of medical care and transportation.
  • Enabling faster, lighter, brighter, more functional technology with greater power density.
  • Improving a whole breadth of technologies from self-driving cars to brain surgery, 5G to smart farming, high powered computing devices to wearable medical technologies.

Integrated solutions from Boyd enable our customers to innovate and redefine their industries. Boyd identifies and solves customer challenges, like fluid and temperature control, ruggedization, quality & sourcing, safety management, optimization and integration, with extensive manufacturing knowledge and material science expertise. We adapt research and development theory into scalable manufacturable products, ensuring cutting edge solutions. Through these processes, we produce highly engineered, multi-functional environmental sealing, protection, and thermal management solutions that enable our customers to push their products further.

Boyd Corporation is a global leader with focus on its people, customers, technology, innovation, materials, market needs of today, and performance requirements of the future.

Boyd Corporation is One Company, Many Solutions.


Boyd Corporation’s longevity and growth is partly fueled by our foundational culture of customer enablement and the proactive pursuit of customer success. Boyd focuses on building lasting supplier and customer relationships which enable us to effectively convert and manufacture integrated Sealing, Thermal, and Protection solutions. We’ve adapted our capabilities to meet customers’ ever-changing needs over the last nine decades, but our formula for solid partnerships hasn’t changed since day one.

Boyd’s forward-thinking leadership, engineering teams, and global manufacturing and design facilities enable us to dynamically serve customers anywhere in the world, at any part of the process. In additional to our precise, high quality manufacturing & fabrication capabilities, Boyd Corporation is a trusted design partner that delivers on commitments with uncompromising integrity. We are fast and nimble, adapt quickly to customers’ needs and are known for solving challenges that others cannot.

Boyd Corporation is committed to customer advocacy. We deliver dedicated, comprehensive customer service seamlessly across our global facilities and optimized for your complex supply chains. Our commitment to advocating for your best needs includes thorough project management from design to prototyping to production, as well as sophisticated order management that caters to your custom needs.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Boyd takes our role as a global and local citizen seriously and have defined our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in how we go above and beyond our compliance in our communities. The success of our business depends on the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, and shareholders and our compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We gain credibility by honoring our commitments, showing respect to others, working with integrity, and reaching company goals through honest conduct.

Learn more about our policies that reflect our Culture of Respect and the Corporate Responsibility that Boyd accepts as a member of our community:


Boyd’s wide portfolio of technical capabilities and expertise are housed in over thirty facilities across three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia. Our locations are strategically placed to provide local and global support to customers.

Boyd’s global manufacturing footprint, engineering design centers and clean room capabilities from Class 100 to Class 100,000 provide consistent quality, speed and cost-effectiveness with centers of excellence and quality management systems to meet the unique needs of highly diversified industries, providing you reliability throughout the product life cycle.


Boyd invests in relationships complementary to our goals and values. From partnering with strategic suppliers and distributors, to helping sponsor the next generation of innovators, to jointly innovating with the world’s leading OEMs.


The foundation of Boyd’s success comes from the hard work of our dedicated manufacturing teams, our passionate sales members, creative engineers and technical staff, and everyone in between. We would not be able to grow and serve our customers at the level we do without every individual in our organization. As One Company, we create Many Solutions that help transform technologies and our way of life.

Looking for an opportunity to enable innovative technologies? Join our team! Learn more about open opportunities to join the Boyd Family in our Careers portal:

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