About Us

Boyd Corporation has over 90 years of customer-focused performance success and is a global leader in advanced sealing, thermal management and protection solutions. From humble beginnings as an industrial fabricator in the Bay Area of California in 1928, Boyd has evolved into a dynamic global innovator. Empowering human curiosity through the safe exploration of space. Enhancing the safety and flexibility of medical care and transportation. Enabling faster, brighter, more functional technology with greater power density. From self-driving cars to brain surgery, space stations to smart farming, high powered computing devices to wearable medical technologies. As our customers redefine their markets and technology – unique solutions from Boyd empower them to be possible.

What do we do well?

Boyd partners with customers to solve their most pressing technical challenges.

We identify and solve customer challenges with deep application knowledge and materials science expertise. Boyd’s highly engineered, custom solutions continually innovate to enable technology advancement. We translate research and development theory into manufacturable product with scale and efficiency. We are a trusted design partner that delivers on commitments with uncompromising integrity. We are fast and nimble, adapting to our customer’s needs.

What makes us different?

Boyd solves the unsolvable fast.

Boyd is solving the performance and production challenges that others say are impossible at a speed that has yet to be replicated. We set the pace of design and process innovation in our core competencies and are aligned with the world’s leading OEMs to map our innovation to their unique challenges. We are solving the challenges of today and empowering the solutions of tomorrow.

We commit to you

It's all about the customer, wherever you are.

Customer service excellence: Boyd Corporation is committed to customer advocacy. We deliver to you high touch customer service, seamless across our global facilities and optimized for your complex supply chains. Our commitment to advocating for your best needs includes thorough project management from design to prototyping to production as well as sophisticated order management that caters to your custom needs.

Responsiveness & innovation: We understand that in today’s marketplace there is high demand for compressed product development cycles and swift results. With our global design centers, subject matter experts, unlimited access to materials and NPI capability on three continents, we’re able to provide design assistance and prototype samples in rapid intervals, accelerating your development cycles.

Global availability & reliability: Boyd’s global manufacturing footprint, engineering design centers and clean room capabilities from Class 100 to Class 100,000 provide consistent quality, speed and cost-effectiveness with centers of excellence and quality management systems to meet the unique needs of highly diversified industries, providing you reliability throughout the product life cycle.

A reduced total cost of ownership

Boyd Corporation's 90-year history of decades-long customer relationships and continual innovation in precision converting and die cutting technologies has been greatly bolstered by the strength and market leadership of world-class business operations that have joined the organization over the years. Combining Boyd's strengths with the core competencies of what were previously known to global markets as Aavid Thermalloy, Thermacore Inc., Niagara Thermal Products, Balkhausen GmbH, SOLIMIDE® Foams, CSI Medical, Action Fabricators, Aavid Kunze, Allcast Inc., QFin, LTI Flexible Products, Plastic Extrusions Inc. and Specification Seals, Boyd's customers have access to a diverse portfolio of leading technologies and solutions spanning thermal, sealing and performance protection. Expanded innovation through material science, design capability and processes. Enhanced operational efficiencies. Improved tolerance and registration control. Advanced assembly accuracy and speed. Simplified supply chain and logistics. Certifications, materials and designs to exceed environmental protection goals. Improved product quality. Accelerated time-to-market and development cycles. Innovative product design and performance. Optimized total value chain management with your contract manufacturers and tiered supply chain partners. Enhanced consumer safety and support. Accelerated global development and demand.

All of these independent value streams culminate in a reduced total cost of ownership to you.

Boyd Corporation is a global leader in the industry with focus on its people, customers, technology, innovation, materials, market needs of today and performance requirements of the future.

Boyd Corporation is One Company, Many Solutions.

Thank you for your consideration and for choosing Boyd Corporation.