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WSF-M Launch with k-Core® Thermal Doubler


Last updated May 20, 2024 | Published on Mar 7, 2024

The United States Space Force (USSF) prepares for an exhilarating launch in March 2024. USSF-62, an advanced satellite, stands poised to journey into orbit, armed with Boyd’s innovative k-Core® doubler technology. This mission involves the inaugural launch of a military Weather System Follow-on (WSF) satellite aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from the Western Range into polar orbit.

Boyd soaring high with k-Core ® doubler on USSF-62 launch

USSF-62: Trailblazing the Cosmos

What makes USSF-62 special?

USSF-62 exemplifies aerospace engineering prowess, and will enhance global communication, weather forecasting, and research. Equipped with advanced sensors that offer real-time atmospheric insights, this launch will aid military operations and disaster response. Orbiting in a polar trajectory, USSF-62 provides worldwide coverage and captures weather patterns from pole to pole.

USSF 62 Trailblazing the Cosmos
USSF-62 will enhance global communication and weather forecasting offering worldwide coverage by capturing weather patterns from pole to pole

WSF-M: A Global Communication Nexus

What is WSF-M?

The U.S. Space Force’s (USSF) Weather System Follow-on – Microwave (WSF-M) functions as an advanced operational environmental satellite system for the Department of Defense (DoD). WSF-M satellite systems supersede the microwave wavelength weather forecasting capabilities of the DMSP satellites, enabling enhanced monitoring of Earth’s weather patterns from space.
WSF M Mission_1018_690x874

WSF-M: Enhancing Military Weather Monitoring

The Weather System Follow-on – Microwave satellite leverages state-of-the-art microwave technology to gather critical atmospheric and oceanic data and enables highly accurate weather forecasts, especially for expansive maritime regions. This capability bolsters military operations by furnishing essential information for informed decision-making regarding deployments, maneuvers, and strategic planning.

WSF-M capability bolsters military operations enabling informed decision-making regarding deployments, maneuvers and strategic planning

USSF-62 Soars with k-Core® Doubler

Boyd’s k-Core® doubler revolutionizes spacecraft structures by combining a carbon fiber shell with an Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) core. The carbon fiber shell delivers lightweight strength and structural integrity while the APG core effectively conducts heat away from critical spacecraft components for high performance thermal management.
Boyds k Core Doubler 566x300 1
Boyd k Core Doubler 2 566x300 1

Boyd’s k-Core® Doubler: Empowering WSF-M Satellite Systems

The USSF-62 mission demands a high-performance satellite to monitor Earth’s weather patterns. Boyd’s k-Core® thermal doubler technology utilizes a lightweight carbon fiber shell enclosing a specially formulated Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) core. It offers efficient thermal management with exceptional strength and rigidity while achieving significant weight reduction. Integration of the k-Core® doubler into USSF-62 enables the WSF-M satellite to shed pounds, leading to reduced launch costs and improved functionality.

Driving Success: Boyd’s Thermal Management with k-Core® Doubler

Boyd’s thermal management solutions synergize with our k-Core® doubler technology to boost efficiency and effectiveness for USSF-62. The lightweight k-Core® doubler design reduces the overall heat load on the thermal management system, yielding a sleeker and more efficient solution. Our involvement in USSF-62 goes beyond just providing components; we are a partner in innovation. Our thermal management expertise and cutting-edge k-Core® doubler technology is being leveraged to empower WSF-M satellite systems.

Innovate with Boyd

Drawing on decades of invaluable experience and expertise, Boyd is at the forefront of innovation designing, manufacturing, and fabricating cutting-edge thermal and engineered material solutions across diverse industries.

Our exceptional engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities, supported by extensive data and cutting-edge technology, empower us to develop innovative solutions tailored to specific applications. Whether it’s the k-Core® Doubler for the USSF-62 mission or K-Core® encapsulated graphite radiation panels for the DART mission, Boyd dedicates itself to driving the next generation of space missions and advancements in sectors demanding cutting-edge thermal management solutions.

Leveraging our extensive material science expertise, we actively identify the materials and components necessary to craft innovative solutions that prioritize performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. To explore the full spectrum of Boyd’s thermal and material science solutions or to discuss your project requirements in detail, visit our website or talk with our experts.

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