HexArmor® Customer Spotlight – Personal Protective Equipment

Introduction to HexArmor

HexArmor® is an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative and effective personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions, defining the market for high-performance hand, eye, head, and body protection. Their technologies have broken new ground in each product category, and they are continually looking for new ways to keep people safe on the job. Recently, HexArmor® has initiated and developed new products for front line workers facing the threat of COVID-19.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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HexArmor®’s Challenge During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives across the globe and has caused shortages in critical medical devices and PPE needed to fight and prevent the spread of the disease. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment included in this shortage is face masks. The high demand has led to a PPE deficit, compelling front line workers to use their masks well beyond protocol or make their own supplies with little resources available.

    HexArmor®’s Innovative Solution to Face Shield and Face Mask Shortages

    HexArmor®, a global leader in PPE, has recently released new disposable safety goggles and face shields to help overcome the supply shortage the world is currently facing. While companies shift from making their standard products to PPE, HexArmor® was uniquely positioned to pivot and immediately respond with an innovative solution.

    Fluid-resistant face shields and disposable goggles help protect the face and eyes from harmful splashes, sprays, or airborne particulates while still maintaining functional optical clarity. This enables users enough visibility to complete essential tasks while preventing the spread of pathogens, in this case the COVID-19 virus. Each solution meets D3 liquid splash protection and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 standard for impact, optical clarity, and haze based on HexArmor®’s internal testing.

    Fluid-Resistant Face Shield: Fully assembled, developed to help conserve N95 facemasks by providing a fluid-resistant first layer of defense to block liquid splash, dust, and more. Meets D3 liquid splash protection and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 standard for impact, optical clarity, and haze (internal testing).

    Fluid-Resistant Disposable Goggle: Fully assembled, developed to block liquid splash and dust. Meets D3 liquid splash protection and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 standard for impact, optical clarity, and haze (internal testing).

    HexArmor® continues its dedication to the safety and health of the community. “Our focus is to protect people, and right now we’re doing everything we can to pivot our manpower and product development into helping the front-line responders fight this pandemic,” says Steve VanErmen, CEO of HexArmor®. “Through the talent and efficiency of our incredible team, we’ve been able to pull our resources together to create much needed products for our heroes on the frontlines.”

    Implementation for more PPE Production through Boyd Corporation’s Medical Precision Converting Expertise

    Boyd was able to assist HexArmor® in the fabrication of these face shields and disposable goggles with their expertise and experience in material science and precision converting. Boyd leveraged their existing clean room capabilities to produce sterile and effective solutions to meet HexArmor’s critical needs. Both the PET film and adhesive foam cushion were converted materials supplied by Boyd, helping procure the necessary safety equipment efficiently.

    In part, Boyd has altered its production priorities to meet these new product demands and requirements with critical medical wearables, disposables, and PPE. With the immense and urgent needs of face shields and goggles, Boyd met quick turnaround times to ensure millions of units were produced within the first two months. Additionally, Boyd has been involved in the design and manufacturing of face shield and goggle components, including optically clear adhesives which assure optimal visibility and clarity, anti-fogging film materials, malleable flex wire to support face masks above the nose, and elastic headbands and attachment systems. When it comes to the safety and health of others, Boyd has proven their ability to provide the medical industry with proper engineered materials and protection solutions, from PPE components to advanced wound care, medical wearables, and patient monitoring.

    Results of HexArmor® Partnering with Boyd

    In these uncertain times, the one thing that remains unwavering is HexArmor®’s commitment to the health and safety of the community, a sentiment that Boyd also shares. From the initial time of design and outreach from HexArmor®, Boyd was able to quickly adjust to the situation and ship parts within a week, helping HexArmor® to supply approximately 10 million PPE units within 2 months to healthcare workers and front line responders, with additional capacity to produce more if needed.


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