Tight Temperature Control

Keep multiple devices within several degrees of each other.


Increase Usable Volume

Decrease thermal management volume for other components with effective, isothermal two-phase heat transport & cooling.

Thermosiphons are passive, two-phase thermal management components or systems that do not require mechanical pumps or other moving parts within the fluid loop. As they rely on gravity to return condensed fluid to the evaporator, Thermosiphons do not require any added electrical power to operate, making them more reliable than active cooling liquid loops in stationary applications. With the right design, thermosiphons can also help you reduce thermal management weight and volume by increasing overall system performance.

Thermosiphons operate on the same principles as heat pipes; energy is absorbed into the system where liquid is turned into vapor, vapor is transported by using the pressure difference between hot and cold regions, and rejected out of the system as the vapor is condensed back into a liquid. Low overall temperature drops enable isothermal cooling over large surfaces or across multiple devices. By leveraging these temperature differentials, Thermosiphons efficiently and reliably transport heat in a wide variety of configurations throughout the thermal solution. The high capacity of two phase cooling makes thermosiphons ideal for high heat loads in known usage conditions like Enterprise (server & networking), 5G Implementation within Telecom, and Power Conversion applications.

Thermal management volume is further decreased when using Thermosiphons as the 3D volume is more isothermal and efficient. Also, when using a remote condenser unit as a heat exchanger, the number of tubes needed between the evaporator and condenser is a fraction of the number used for a similar heat pipe solution and can operate over longer distances.

Boyd Corporation classifies our Thermosiphon solutions into 4 categories: Vertical Source to Air Thermosiphons, Horizontal Remote Cooling Assemblies, Air to Air Heat Exchangers, and Two-Phase Enhanced Fins. We leverage our expertise in two phase cooling to design and manufacture a wide variety of configurations to meet a range of application requirements, meeting cost, performance, and efficiency specs.

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Key Industries


  • CPUs, GPUs, and Other High Performance Processors
  • Cabinet Cooling Systems
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    5G Implementation

  • Entire Cabinets
  • Cabinet Air Climate Unit
  • Remote Radio Unit (RRU)
  • Door-Type Industrial Climate Unit
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  • IGBTs
  • Solar Energy Power Conversion
  • Door Type Industrial Climate Unit
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