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Transcript: Industrial Drives and Control Systems

Heat Sinks - Maximize thermal performance with minimal mass by using optimized extruded, skived, bonded, brazed, and zipper fin style heat sinks.

Heat Pipes and Vapor Chambers - Boost heat sink performance by distribution heat from the component over the full heat sink base.

Thermal Interface Materials - Reduce temperature drop between electronic components and the thermal solution to maximize thermal solution performance.

Fans and Blowers – Maximize thermal performance by moving air through the heat sink as quietly and efficiently as possible.

HMI: Switches, Displays, and Injection Molded Housings – Unparalleled reliability, dependability, and durability in high moisture environments for a superior operator experience.

Nameplates – Enhance the look of the brans and model in increase brand loyalty and value.

Labels – Custom labels that enable identification, improve safety, and meet agency requirements such as UL and CSA.

Electrical Insulators – Increase dielectric strength between internal electrical components that can lead to device shorting or failure.

Gaskets and O-rings – Protect against harsh liquid, gas, or particle contamination to extend product lifetimes for IP rated products.

Thermal Insulators – Protect against extreme heat and cold for reliable performance for sensitive components on the PCB.

EMI Solutions – Reduce electronic malfunction and improve device and signal reliability on the PCB.

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